use picasa to edit ur pics!

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Ok, Its true that Picasa only touches ur pictures and save the settings as .ini files, bt there is a way to actally use Picasa as an image editor. First just go along the usual way of tweaking your pictures, when you are done, start the slide show and click so that the toolbar disappears and press "<-" button on ur k'board, not over yet! immediately press the Print Screen Button. then open Paint, click on the Select button, right click in the blank space and choose Paste. Hooray! I know its (a bit) tedious, but editing images is so easy in Picasa! Any suggestions? :D


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@Qwerty Maniac:

There are lots of other free and easy and better stuffs dude. I have used Picasa and I didn't like it b'coz editing was very very limited


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This was no Latest News so I moved it here considering that the last line of your post says "Any suggestions?"


boss !!! Finally a simple answer to you all...... PHOTOSHOP ROCKS !!! :lol:


y go through such process. Just after u r done with the tweaking, export your pictures. Then it will be saved as the way u have edited.
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