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USB 3.0 is dis really important?


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wht do u think guys?
while buying a mobo, shud we consider abt the USB3.0 port??
dere are very few Mobo dat offer dis feature...

are devices present in market using USB3.0???
is dis port imp. in making a PC future proof for arnd 2 yr atleast from compatibility pt of view??

And yes i wud like to knw same abt eSATA port?????


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usb 3.0 devices are just emerging in the market and their prices are also quite high.. lack of devices may make us feel that the port is not so important as of now..

but after a few months it'll be essential as no one can be patient enough to copy hi-def videos or heavy files to/from your pen drive/external hdd through a usb2.0 interface when a rather fast way is available..

#What i mean is, you need not hurry up for a usb3.0 ready mobo rite away but you can add this feature through interface cards whenever you are ready to shift, at prices btwn 1-2k..

and there are enough mobo models available with usb3.0 feature..

Regarding eSATA, it is good for those devices that have an eSATA interface but don have a usb3.0 interface. Anyway it is good to have one.




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ohkk so i think i shud go for mobo with usb3.0 port.. that wud be benificial..

heyy wht abt serial and parallel ports? are they required in any case???

and yes if GPU is giving HDMI and DVI output? wht if my mobo dnt have dese port? will dere be any diff in HDMI performance from GPU or a mobo wid built in HDMI?


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Serial and Parallel ports are history.

And please tell me what you are planning to go for? Only then I'll be able to answer you properly.

and yes if GPU is giving HDMI and DVI output? wht if my mobo dnt have dese port? will dere be any diff in HDMI performance from GPU or a mobo wid built in HDMI?
No need to worry about this. Somethings are just not meant to be worried about. I bet you'll be considering going for a GPU, so how does it matter?
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If you are thinking for a future proof solution. Then, yes.. USB 3.0 matters. But as of now and next 2 years, USB 2.0 will just be fine.

But in case if you are upgrading, then.. if there is a chance for upgrade with in your budget. Then why not going for it!

And, about devices there are quite a few devices out there by most of the major vendors. But we are not yet ready for a complete transition. So, it will take time.

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If you don't require it or don't do a lot of data transfer via usb, do you think you need usb 3.0? Differences between a non usb 3.0 and a 3.0 board of a chipset is what- 500-1k difference? For 2 ports? If you can spend it and would require eventually, why not?


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and yes if GPU is giving HDMI and DVI output? wht if my mobo dnt have dese port?

Dude, if there is a situation where you face some issue with your gfx card and it needs to be serviced,
until your card returns home or unless you have an other gfx card, you cant make use of your pc..

Other hand, if your motherboard has one video o/p you can make some casual use of your pc..

Hope you get it..

and as 'ico' said first let us know what you are planning for.


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if you are planning to keep that mobo for atleast 2yrs, you better get it with USB3.0 support.

A quote from an article in PCWorld:

A flash drive based on USB 3.0 can move 1G byte of data to a host device in 3.3 seconds, compared to 33 seconds with USB 2.0, Ravencraft said. That means two full-length movies can be transferred from a portable USB drive to a PC in under a minute.

Source: Data Transfer Rates to Jump With USB 3.0 - PCWorld Business Center

Do remember that the speed of device matters too.


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well so its final if u ask me.. i wud go for USB3.0 den...

n guys m planning to buy a mobo and a GPU nvidea 460.. it gives 2 DVi and 1 mini HDMI output.. so i was askin whether i shud go for a mobo wid serial port dat may/may not give HDMI out. or i shud go for mobo wid such latest ports to make ma PC future proof..


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as such no issue of budget till nw.. bt it wud b betta to have nice VFM...

actually i want serial port coz i frequently use dat port while programmin chips and makin few projects dat include serial communication and .. so dats y i was preferring oderwise latest devices hardly come with serial port..
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