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Urgent help needed


Broken In
I would just re-emphasize here that its totally your choice on which camera you choose.
But if your are in any way inclined towards SX150 , DO checkout its newer model the SX160 which is for 11.5k and today is the last day to avail the 1000 rupees discount on ebay.So, it will come out to be 10500/-
Not just this model, but you can get 1000 off on any camera that you choose. But , that offer is till 23rd,Oct.
Choose wisely, but i'll say choose quick.


Aspiring Novelist
^ You mean L310???

Unfortunately there ain't enough expert reviews out there for L310... Only (up to my knowledge) ephotozine have reviewed both the cameras.


Broken In
Finally after much research bought dis one:
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