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Okay I need help. Its pretty urgent. A friend of mine has an ancient intel 915 board and processor. He is having this weird problem. His pc isn't turning on at all. After switching on the UPS, only a green led lights up in the mobo. The fans in the smps doesn't seem to be running at that time. The fans of the cpu cooler don't run either. hitting the power button/restart button has no effect whatsoever. I've removed the ram, cleans the slots with a brush and put the ram back in,checked for loose connections but didn't find any. can anyone help me on this? :( Need some help with this and fast as I'm going to his place again tomorrow to have another go. Please help me out people.


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Double Check each and every connection. Especially the one of CPU fan with mobo. Check the PSU again.

Did he try to remove Fan himself? As suggested by mithun above, try a alternate PSU


I believe it has old ATX PSU. U can do simple test to check it if PSU is working or not..

Hold 20 pin Power Cable that is connected to mother Board then connect two pins ( Green with Black ).. after doing that u will see Smps fan Working . Do this simple Test..

Be very careful while Doing.. If you are not confident about it then don't do it


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And is Power Switch on the Front Panel of the case working properly?

This is the simpliest possibility and it can happen any time in an old cabinet. as suggested before try with another psu and double check motherboard.

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The same thing happened a few years ago to my Intel motherboard and then when i took my CPU to a service centre, the answer i got was that my motherboard had blown up due to insufficient power supply. Due to this reason, I had to replace the motherboard. I think that the same problem might have occured to your motherboard too.
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