1. J

    Urgent help needed.

    Okay I need help. Its pretty urgent. A friend of mine has an ancient intel 915 board and processor. He is having this weird problem. His pc isn't turning on at all. After switching on the UPS, only a green led lights up in the mobo. The fans in the smps doesn't seem to be running at that time...
  2. digibrush

    Photoshop CS5 Sluggish Performance

    In photoshop cs5 when I work with brush and try to draw a line or something its draw very slowly. Here is Example: YouTube - 09 01 2011 11 09 08 In video, work area is 30.5cmx23cmx300pixel. Its only happen with large size brush and in photoshop cs 5 and also in corel painter 11. why...
  3. M

    Order Colgate Free Sample Now - Brush Kar Lo

    I found this site: Order Colgate Free Sample Now - Bhai Log Brush Kar Lo :D
  4. P

    A Guide To Cleaning Ur PC Inside-Out

    Cleaning ur PC is essential today. Got ur new hardware and Windows? Happy with the power and features? LLet a month past and ull start seeing all the dust it got on it.So how do u get rid of it? This thread is aimed at healthily cleaning ur PC while getting it back in one piece. When and when...
  5. goobimama

    Photoshop:: Create Leopard's Aurora wallpaper...

    Okay. I’m going to attempt the impossible. Well, it seemed impossible at least. Gonna try and recreate the Mac OS X Leopard wallpaper. Please don't laugh at me. Step 1: Make a very large document. If you want 1650*1050, then make it 1900*1400 and so on. Fill with #090608 Step 2: Create a...
  6. iMav

    Digital Video Brush Makes the World Your Palette

    If you've been looking for a next-generation paint brush, then check out this creation. At first glance, it looks like your standard brush, but upon closer inspection you'll find integrated LEDs, touch sensors, and a camera. This gadget basically "lifts up and captures photons", allowing artists...
  7. D

    Eureka Forbes Vaccum Cleaner - Euroclean Ace

    Features: Main unit - Mild Steel Variable power option - Eletronic Blower function Air filteration - 5 Stage Dust collection type - Paper+clothing bag Dust bag full indication - Eletronic Warranty - 2 Years Technical Specs Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz Input power (IEC) 1300 W Suction of the...
  8. G

    update ur knowledge about processors..

    this is a beautiful article i found at pcworld.. wont be of that much help to the techies.. but would help a lot of newbies brush up on their knowledge about cpu's.. here
  9. V

    YOUNG TO OLD (Age progression Photoshop)

    Its Terrible to imagine yourself old and what abt ur fav celebs .See how u look in the old age, Try this tut Sample1 sample2 Sample3 This photoshop tutorial will show you how to add on the years to almost anybody. It's basically a practice using the Burn and Dodge tools...
  10. NikhilVerma

    Wood Texture

    Difficulty Level : Medium Photoshop CS You will find some tutorials for making wood texture over the net. But this one is slightly different and provides better results. Start off with a file 600*600 pixels and white background. With RGB color setting. Goto Filter --> Render --> Fibers...
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