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Upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 Now the system doesn't work

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Mine is Pentium(D) Dual Core with Intel Mother Board 1 GB Ram + 15" CRT
It is with Win98, XP and Ubuntu 9.04
Last time I upgraded from 8.04 to 9.04 without any problems.
Now the installation CD of 9.10 did not allow to upgrade.
I tried the update manager and commandline also and those also failed.
Finally I tried for Web Upgrade.
It went on around 7 hrs and after reboot show the following message and fails to boot.
I tried sever attempts and recovery mode. Nothing helped me.

init: sreadahead with process (2053) terminated with status 1
mountall:/proc: unable to mount: Device or resource busy
mountall:/proc/self/mountinfo: No such file or directory
mountall: root filesystem isn't mounted
init: mountall main process (2054) terminated with status 1
General error mounting filesystems
A maintenance shell will now be started
CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and re-try

Control+D did nothing.

Please help me to recover my system.


Broken In
I can go for a fresh install.
I can recover data.
I need that installation back
for stored passwords, settings, etc.

Help me!


Stored passwords? I beleve you mean system settings and application preferences and settings,right? IF yes, then the trick is simple.
Backup your /home/user folder as it contains all the settings (hidden files with "." ) In other words, backup all files and folders in your Home directory.
Then after a fresh install and adding yourself as user simply copy all the folders from your backup to the /home/user folder.
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