1. Ironman

    [For Sale] Moto G Flip Shell - Brand New

    Dad Recently bought a Moto G Flip Shell .... i dont want . I already have a designer Turquoise Shell . Colour:RED Its New and if any one needs it Just Tell Me. I am in Kolkata Price : ( Same as Bought )
  2. Akshay

    Positive Experience iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 cases

    Products purchased: 1. Rock IP5-ETS-28238 Eternal Flip Leather Case for Apple iPhone 5 ( Black ) and 2. Amzer 93927 Diamond Lattice Snap on Shell Case - Light Pink for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 (this one was for my wife) URL - 1. Rock IP5-ETS-28238 Eternal Flip Leather Case for Apple:
  3. speedyguy

    Run Unix shell script from Perl (Windows)

    My local machine is Windows 7, the unix shell script I need to run is kept in a unix server(I log in via putty to access it). Now this is how I worked so far- 1> Created a perl script in windows local which has to code to login to putty with authentication and call the shell script. (used...
  4. sanny16

    A textfile open automatically everytime when the system starts.

    Whenever i start my lappy , a text file opens up automatically in the desktop screen. It says something related to shell. How to get rid of it? I tried attaching pic but didnt accept it saying some error. Here is the link to the pic: "*"
  5. D

    Need suggestion for gamming headsets ~5k

    Hi guys, i am willing to shell out ~5k for new gamming headsets. So, could you please suggest me the best i can get.
  6. ico

    A small demo of GNOME 3 Shell

  7. S

    reading a file and sending mail by shell scripting..?? Plz help urgent..!!

    hi I need help urgently...i need to write a shell script which can solve the following problem....its urgent plz help me out coz m totally newbie in shell scripting.... the problem is: Suppose I have a folder called logs. whenever some error occurs some correspondence error file is generated...
  8. Bhav

    Need help shell programing

    Q1.Write a shell program to generate the first 25 prime numbers Q2.Write a shell program to cipher all the text/content in any text document in the current working directory and also use another shell program to decipher it to read. Use any scheme for ciphering. Q.3Consider the following...
  9. sygeek

    Mozilla's Webian Shell, OS in your Browser

    Mozilla's Webian Shell interface will cloak your OS in a browser Download Webian Shell Project's Site - Webian Shell Project's Blog - Webian Blog With Google's fleet of Chromebooks making their way to market, Mozilla has decided to release a similarly browser-based desktop interface...
  10. K

    Shell for Windows

    All my friends to whom I recommended this shell replacement have graded it 5/5 and/or excellent. Shell for Windows / 1.12 MB Go to Windows/Desktop-Enhancements/Shell-Replacements at Note : Create a system restore point before going in for shell replacements. Edit...
  11. A

    Cheap backlit keyboard

    Hi i need a good cheap backlit keyboard which i can use at night. can shell out max 1k for it.
  12. tkin

    Free linux distro similiar to Redhat.

    The title may seem a bit confusing to people but I am learning shell scripts in redhat linux in my college, since redhat is not free can someone suggest linux distro that has the SAME shell scripts like redhat linux, i.e same commands. Also this will be my first time to install linux on a...
  13. Nemes!s

    good graphics card in 3k max

    Hi guys Please suggest good graphics card around 3k.. I can't shell out more than 3k. My config is in my signature
  14. speedyguy

    Unix Shell Script: su command help

    i did found some help by googling but m still unanswered... my aim is to create a login screen for a user/super user..... but using a shell script if i give su command or any login command a child process is created n m sent 2 its terminal....the program exec is at hault unless i exit that...
  15. B

    win 7 shell questions...

    hi guys... i just wanted to know is there any way i can sort my folders by 'rating'....?? i want to assign ratings - 'stars' to different folders..., like in songs list wer u can change the ratings...., default way of organizing things in windows sucks.... i dont want any third party...
  16. emailaatif786

    Linux Shell 'test' command?

    Linux Shell 'test' command? What test command should be used in order to test whether /usr/bin is a directory or a symbolic link? Please reply and give some details.
  17. K

    Upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 Now the system doesn't work

    Mine is Pentium(D) Dual Core with Intel Mother Board 1 GB Ram + 15" CRT It is with Win98, XP and Ubuntu 9.04 Last time I upgraded from 8.04 to 9.04 without any problems. Now the installation CD of 9.10 did not allow to upgrade. I tried the update manager and commandline also and those also...
  18. nitish_mythology

    Shell---- Window Manger Dilemma

    What is the difference between a shell and a window manager like ratpoison? what makes bash a 'shell' but ratpoison a 'window manager' ??
  19. S

    shell scripting

    Is learning shell scripting in UNIX of any use (besides geekiness) as most of the distros are shipped with gui and what is the best source for learning shell scripting
  20. ajayritik

    Best Wireless Internet available

    Firstly friends I have searched the forum for answer to my question but I was not able to get a precise answer that I'm looking for. I'm Sorry if some of you think that this question has already been asked and that I should not have posted it again. Now coming to the question. One of my friends...
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