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upgradation of my old PC


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I have a Pentium-4 processor desktop PC at my home. I am now seeing to upgrade it, but I don't want to spend more on it.
It has Pentium-4 processor (1.7 GHz), and 383 MB SD RAM (128MB in one slot, 256 MB in other slot).
The system works quite well when single application is opened, but it doesn't respond good when multiple tabs/ multiple applications are opened.
I have tried various software to boost up the performance. Its not of much use.
I don't want to spend much on the up-gradation.
So I am actually thinking of buying one or two 512 MB SD RAM and replace the old one.
But i wonder if my system supports if I use (512MB+256MB RAM) or (512MB+512MB RAM).
anyone please help me.


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i am anyways buyin a new lappy..
but i just want to know whether my sytem can support the above mentioned RAM confiiguration (512+256) or (512+512)


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It might...but some mobos have problem with no of chips that the module has,and whether its a single sided(SS) or double sided(DS) module...better look up the mobo manual... :idea:
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