Unlocking Micro SD Card..

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Hello every1,
A friend of mine has got this problem.
She has forgotten her SD memory card password.
And her phone is built on s40 platform.
Is there a way 2 resolve this?

In fact, i learned a way to locate d password. It's by using FExplorer.
But it works on s60 platforms.
If it works, then is there any similar software for s40?


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I too have this same problem.I think that this does not have solution except going to mobile service center and reflash it .So far,I have not done this,but soon....

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first of all s40 platforms don't support any sis file,and unfortunately all softwares r built in .sis formats...'

Secondly if it is an sd card then remove it and plug it in a s60 phone and then try fexplorer but I don't think it will work....?
What u can do is plug the card in a card reader and copy all the contents and then format the card...'this is a way I know and will work...or take it to a service centre to unlock it..'

And if u r a soft junky then u should know there r some hackers software that has programs to unlock cards and even phones so try it and search the net...!
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