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unable to setup sify broadband connection in vista..

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i have a sify broadband connection..and i want to use it in oreder to register windows vista..but i am not getting it how to set up the connection in vista beta 2 5384.4 , so please can some one tell me how to do it ?

first i need to setup the lan connection by entering the TCP IP,subnet mask ,gateway and DNS server...HOW TO THIS ??
after this is over i need to install..the sify broadband client..
please help me ..


i have never used vista as i am currently trying to become part of the linux community but i can help u a bit because i didn't understood ur prob clearly
pls explain more. first of all
bro the vaules are diff for all isp.
u am giving the common values
[b]subnet mask[/b]:
for rest values to need to call ur sify helpline no. and ask them.

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