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Ubuntu: Is KDE faster than Gnome ?

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Hi All.

I use Ubuntu Hardy Heron, with KDE3.5, Gnome(w/ubuntu studio) and IceWM. I noticed that while my gnome with a rather over customised upper pannel hangs a lot for even simple operations, my KDE which is equally customised, is sleek and fast.

Though KDE uses more RAM, it is much more responsive and polished than Gnome. I notice that Firefox and terminal, along with appearence, cause my gnome to hang a lot. But I can use the same on KDE without trouble.

Is this an indicator that Gnome really IS loosing it ? KDE is beating gnome in every single way, from unifying themes, looking good, providing complex functionality to even performance. Why is it so ? KDE4 may be buggy and all that, but to me, KDE3.5 looks really hot at the moment.


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Disagree..I have myself customised a lot of things on GNOME and yet it works like a treat for me! I love its simplicity yet the level of customisation it offers! I have tried KDE 3.5.x but frankly never liked it at all! Although I have no personal tests to back my sayings, but I feel that GNOME is definitely a better performer than KDE!
If I b00t into IceWM session, then I notice that KDE apps start much faster than their Gnome counterparts.

Due to gnome human interface guidelines, much of its functionality is limited.

In gnome, I don´t have the one of a kind software, Konqueror, with which I can browse both my computer and the world wide web. Its eXtremely light, and still so effitient.

Gnome´s Nautilus is too slow and unfunctional compared to KDE Dolphin. Dolphin beats even Windows Explorer and Macintosh Finder easily with its awssome feel.

KDE Media Player Kaffeine is one of the most versatile things around playing every single format and having an awssome playlist feature with a file browser built in.

Except for the ability to place half sized icons on the taskbar and hence being able to put four times as many app launcher icons in a given area than usual, KDE taskbar is perfect.

Its crystal icons look better than leopard or vista icons and much much better than tango, human or crux of gnome, and hardly anyone feels the need to change them.

KDE can acomodate GTK+ apps easily, and can use the KDE theme in them, while gnome can´t do such a thing.

Its an old story that QT4 is better than GTK2+ for programming in C++, the de facto programming language. QtJambi(java), PyQT(python), etc are also really awssome.

I doubt there is a more functional, user friendly and extremely customisable environment than KDE, even outside the FOSS world.


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still disagree..i too use both..or do I..i did install KDE but never really used it..GNOME really works perfect for me..none of the problems mentioned above are there with me..it is much faster than KDE..
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