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  1. Pratik Pawar

    Best Mobile Brand

    guys, which is the best Mobile Brand, with Android OS (Customised or stock), in the range of rs 5000-15000. :mrgreen: overall, coz m thinking of buying one.. in terms of Hardware, durability, after sales service, performance, battery, camera etc also, is it compulsory to fill the given...
  2. dashang

    Create customized os cd

    Guys i want to create my own windows xp and vista cd which has customized logon screen , custom themes and after installing by custom cd customised theme should be applied first and i can add additional softwares to cd/dvd
  3. MetalheadGautham

    Ubuntu: Is KDE faster than Gnome ?

    Hi All. I use Ubuntu Hardy Heron, with KDE3.5, Gnome(w/ubuntu studio) and IceWM. I noticed that while my gnome with a rather over customised upper pannel hangs a lot for even simple operations, my KDE which is equally customised, is sleek and fast. Though KDE uses more RAM, it is much more...
  4. gxsaurav

    Linux Live CD

    I need to download a Linux Live CD distribution. I don't intend to install it on the hard disk but use it from the Optical drive only or if possible install on a 1 GB Pen drive. My Current Installation of PCLinux OS in external HD is old. Requirements are.. 1) Should be bootable on most of...
  5. K

    DVD Menu Creating Software

    Accha I got three movies,wanna burn them onto a cd so that play them on a DVD player...:D Any software to Make A Customised DVD Menu(Movie art n stuff)..:huh:
  6. S

    post ur customised nfsu2 cars here

    hello there. i wanted to start a thread where ppl could post (showoff) their customised nfs u2 cars. newayz i had posted a query before on how to post the pic and thnks for the help. here's my mitsubishi 3000gt. and the audi a3
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