1. D

    Siberia V2 or Siberia 7H ?

    What do you think ? Which is better Siberia V2 or Siberia 7H ? Price difference between the two is 500 bucks and I'm fine with that.. I have Siberia v2 on my mind because it is more portable and flexible..( I'm kinda a rough user .. :P). Is the quality of sound same in the two headphones.. ? if...
  2. T

    earphones under 1500

    Hey guys, I m looking to buy a set of earphones or in-ear headphones, as some call them. Build quality will be an issue as I shall be treating them rough. I would be using them for rock and metal and would like loudness and clarity thanks
  3. I Earphone for hTc One V

    Hi, Recently i purchased hTc One V which has hTc beats audio, so i am planning to but a good earphone for it. Budget:- ~1k I want it for daily use, rough as i will be using it most in Local Trains :). Edit:- If not db, suggest any other.
  4. ~It_is_Andrew~

    Two EP 630 broken, looking for a new ear phone , please help

    Hello Everyone!! Well as the heading says, I had two creative ep-630 (came with my dell) , both of them have gone kaput with the same problem with a gap of few months. The joining/wire near the 3.5 in male jack has loosened or something. So sound is coming only on one ear. If I adjust or...
  5. soyab0007

    Nokia N70 4 Sale

    i am Selling my Nokia N70. without Warranty Keypad Has Been Rough Accessories: Box, Data Cable, Manual and Charger
  6. G

    Virtual Memory!!

    Hi Guys, Where should we allocate the page file; in the C drive ( i.e where windows resides) or in a separate partition as Digit suggested in May'06 issue. Any rough idea how to do so. So far I let Windows do so for me. Not ba erformance though.\ Thanx Ganesh
  7. G


    What on earth is ubuntu? Is it true I can order as many cds I want? And cld somebody give me a rough estimate about the taxes? I live in mumbai.
  8. A


    I have created this post for all heating problems (as the title suggets) Mods, please make this a Sticky. Well, anyways as most of you know that I am going to buy a new PC, just wanted to find out whether a Water-cooling solution is useful. How do you set one up, and what are the rough...
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