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TUTORIAL: How to Create Yahoo! Messenger Skins

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Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP

Recently I released my first Yahoo! Messenger skin "Y! Vista":



A few ppl asked me how I created the skin, so lemme reveal the secret. :D

Actually I searched lots of Yahoo! Messenger files in its "Program Files" folder, opened them in resource hacker but I didnt find the desired images but after few hours R&D I got success. So lets start the tutorial:

1. Goto "%Programfiles%\Yahoo!\Shared\Graphics" folder and u'll see following folders in it:


These folders contain skins which u see in Yahoo! Messenger Skin List. So if u want to create ur own skin, then copy any folder and paste it again, it'll create another folder and then rename the folder to any name.

2. Now open this new folder and u'll see lots of images there. U can change those images to make ur own skin.

3. To change the text color, text size, button locations, etc use the XML file present in the folder. Its name will be skin_name.xml (e.g. indigo.xml, maverick.xml). First few lines in this file will be like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 

<skin version="2007.11.07.1" 
      AuthorName="Mr. Vista // Vishal Gupta"
      Signature="Microsoft MVP"
      SkinName="Y! Vista by Vishal Gupta"
So u can change them acc. to ur requirements.

4. Thats it. U r ready with ur new skin. :)

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Actually I figured this out a few days ago too. But didn't knew that text size can be changed too.
Thanks for telling.
Good tute.

And hey guys! Stop calling him uncle, he is just 25. :D
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