TUTORIAL: How 2 change XP Boot Screen using Tuneup Utilities!

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Vishal Gupta

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OK Guys!

Since many members want to know how to change the Windows XP Boot screen, I'm giving here a tutorial on "HOW TO CHANGE THE BOOT SCREEN USING TUNEUP UTILITIES 2006".

Its the easiest method to change the boot screen and safe too (coz it adds an extra entry in Boot loader for the new boot screen and keep the default entry too)

So here we go step by step procedure:

1.) Open Tuneup Utilities 2006:


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pretty detailed info for using a basic utility.

but hey, iv bin using tune-up for over a year now, but never noticed the 'new screen' button for creating one.

thanx pal !


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im using 2 transformation packs LONGHORN 10 & FLYAKITEOSX .

longhorn just for boot screen bcoz i didnt wanted any chance .

but now i got a good solution .

thanks dude !!! nice work .


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Hey.thanks..i was unaware of this tool..........
but thnks Vishal.i am using and enjoying it..........

[EDIT] god.........its a 30 day trial

[EDIT] found the crack.now happy
long live piration
u can also download crackk from here:


hey everything went fine but at last moment it says cannot install boot up scrn cause boot.ini not found. either does not exist or no permission. i am the administrator but cant find boot.ini how to create it? have got a boot.ini backup


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That was a great tut mate !

Can you provide me the links to all the tuts that you have posted (not only in digit, but other places as well...)


Ignorance is BLISS !!
Vyasram said:
Nice tutorial.I use styles xp to do that. Its very easy in styles xp.

FIRST...........thanks for the mail :wink:
Can we expect a tut from you to do the same using Style XP....
(I agree that we all can do it...........but newbies will lick up anything as long as it is worth it !!!)
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