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Howz this processor for notebooks?? Is Core 2 Duo better than this?? I have seen HP DV 5 1006AX model in stores recently and impressed with it's features. just curious about the processor.


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I have a HP laptop with turion X2 processor. Processor is really good, but unfortunately I cannot take full advantage of it cause of Vista ( 1GB ram :( ).. but Linux Live CD's specially Sabayon Linux works flawlessly and with full glore Compiz ;) :D.. I would recommend you to buy a laptop with more than 2GB ram if you want to run vista ..


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Newer Centrino 2 Processors based Notebooks offer real good battery backup time with mobile performances in comparison to AMD Turion ones. And AFAIK Turions tends to be hotter than Centrino 2s when using for a while, and needs more power to run leading to short battery life. So it is recommended to go for a Centrino 2 Processor.

The new processors fabricated using the Centrino 2 Technology are stated below for your information :

Performance : T9600, T9400
Power Optimized Performance : T9500, T8600, T8400, T7350
Low Voltage : SP9400, SL9400, SP9300, SL9300
Ultra Low Voltage : SU9400, SU9300

Look for these processors in the Laptops when buying.


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I have a HP dv6000 Laptop with AMD Turion 64x2 processor. Nice performance... using it since last year... No problems at all...
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