Troubleshooting HDD disconnection



I have Intel i5 4440 processor with Gigabyte H87-D3H mobo. It has one SSD for Win 7 OS and an HDD of 500 GB (SATA).

Havent used the desktop for a while and recently i did a clean installation of Win 7 in SSD. Then updated all BIOS and driver updates.

The issue I see here is that,
The internal HDD disconnecting often inside Win 7. I installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology application and it cleary indicates in ballon tips/event viewer that HDD is getting removed and detected again.

The event viewer indicates the below information.
IDataSvcMgr or something like it with event id 7001. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

WIll it be Mobo problem? or Power problem(i have 700 Watt SMPS). This internal HDD is a new one which I bought in 2 days.

Currently I have given my desktop to my friend to check so cannot give additional information now.



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700W smps of which brand ? Did you try a different sata port, sata data cable and power cable ? How about testing the HDD on another PC ? Lastly Check your HDD using HDTune or Crystaldiskinfo.
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