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track / locate any GSM mobile in the world using GPS !


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Wow !! a GSM mobile tracking website..., it uses satellite cameras and works really well. you can also see the location with zoom by satellite space imagery!

open website and you can type in a mobile phone number and it finds exactly where the person is located (assuming the mobile is switched on).
Try it out - it's pretty accurate.

Just select the country (INDIA) and leave out the first zero of the mobile number you want to track.

Put in the first 4 digits in the first fields, and the remaining digits in the other field.
Welcome to
Satellite Tracking

GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network

Based on repeater triangulation, the system tracks mobile phones using GPS and GSM technology

We are not responsible for possible tracking errors that may occur.

Approximate margin of error:
  • 10 meters (max.) for mobile phones in Europe and the U.K.
  • 25 meters (max.) for mobile phones in the U.S.A., South America and Canada.
  • 50 meters (max.) for mobile phones elsewhere (India, rest of Asia).
  • This system will not work in countries without GSM technology networks.

Click on below link



Google Bot
i ll check it out wen m on pc.. But i dont think some1 wd use their satellites and resources 4 jobless a**es like me who like to trace others mobile locations.. :D


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Hee!! I found my self sleeping in my bed.
(A funny trick). So not spioling anything. Just check it out.


What if it's an another method of collecting phone numbers for spamming?

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one should be carefull in giving phone numbers on net


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
ohhh thank God...I didn't put my mobile number in that field...I guess my friend will receive tele-marketing calls now ;)
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