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Broken In
Recently I visited a website . I was suprised to see all the latest bollywood movies (VeerZaara,Aitraaz) available for
download for free. Only u need to install a bit-torrent software and ur done.

I tried reading FAQ available on the site but the manner in which they
are presented is really horrible...What r seeders and leechers??

What is meant by Reseeding? Howcome movie files have extensions
like cam (Are these files recognised by Windows Media Player or any other
How to use bit-torrent software(I downloaded burst3.10b from the site)?

Plz help......
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u have to understand the idea behind a torrent is totally different than the conventional p2p we know
a torrent is a small file containin information abt a tracker url ... which will redirect to the "seeder" ( more on this later )

a seeder at first is a person who ur downloading from ... a person who has the whole file and is letting ppl to download from him

a leecher .. is one who downloads and doesnt leave the torrent open for anyone else to download
(btw ... u have to click on the torrent ... and then ur torrent software will start the download ... if u have the individual window kind of torrent like bittornado .. then multiple windows will be open .. and ull have to keep these windows open to seed .. if u have something like azureus ... then once the torrent is done .. it moves to the lower frame which is for seeding .... as long as the torrent is there ur seeding ... once u stop .. and remove from list ... ur no longer a seeder )

a reseeder is one who starts seeding an old torrent on whim/request

i think mostly that "cam" extension needs to be renamed
that term "CAM" in the filename only signifies the kind of print ..
look at the link i gave u
everything is very clear and i dun think anyone else is gonna take the pains to decode and explain it
hope it helps


In the zone
torrents are for those unselfish souls who don`t mind sharing.. :)
most of the torrent downloads are illegal.. but then who cares??
and you also get good sppeds downloading from a bit torrent software.. like bitspirit and bit tornado... both are excellent.. get the latest versions...
also in bit torrent the download speeds depends on your upload speed .. but then when you have a dial-up like i do.. doesn`t really matter ;)
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