1. SaiyanGoku

    [Query] Toshiba HDD RMA

    My toshiba canvio basics 500 GB ext. HDD gets disconnected randomly. sometimes, windows reports the drive is damaged or not recognised. Should i give it for RMA. It still has more than 1 year 4 months warranty left.
  2. kaustav_geek

    Batman Arkham City Retail Version DVDs Not recognised

    Hi, I have a Samsung NP550P5C-S05IN Windows 8 64-bit and a Blu-Ray drive which has read all the DVDs/CDs/BDs that have been thrown at it. But when I insert the Arkham City DVDs, they are not recognised at all. I have tried running the DVDs in a different system and the DVDs work. So neither...
  3. S

    Android dual sim phone boot area

    How do you change the software on a dual sim phone to be a recognised phone in android play market. It's a great phone but I cannot get google maps to work as the model is not recognised, this would really solve a minor issue.
  4. Skyh3ck

    File sharing is religion now.

    A must read Swedish file-sharing group recognised as a religion by
  5. A

    need help with VBA

    I need a code in vba which would read a file name in a specified folder (dynamic path). the file name changes every time and there can be more than one files and the code should pick them all. The file is recognised by a word say "QWE" which exists in the file name everytime. e.g. E2 QWE...
  6. C

    usb not recognised

    hi all, i recently bought PRONET usb wireless usb extension cable with that with which it works fine .but thats v. short.when i tried to connect another usb extension cable the balloon message appears as "not recognised".my motherboard has 6 rear usb ports out of which 2 are...
  7. R

    Phonebook transfer of Huawei C5320

    All, I have recently purchased a Huawei c5320 cdma Handset. Problem is my Phonebook on my computer is in a .csv format. Any idea about how I can convert the same to the .dat format (recognised by Huawei)? Please help as in the alternative, I would have to manually enter the whole phonebook...
  8. N

    All Transcend/Kingston pendrives not

    I have P-4 1.6 GHz old machine which has usb 1 onboard .so i have installed usb 2.0 pci card .. but some of the drives are not recognised by usb 2.0 ..and only some like iball etc are detected by usb 2.0 .// where as all the pen drives are accepted by usb 1 how to solve this problem...
  9. M

    help my k750 is not detected by pc

    hi guys i connect my k750 by usb cable but window appears saying usb device not recognised but my fone is charging so pls help me THANKS
  10. F

    Bluetooth WOWS !!!!

    I have WIDCOMM bletooth adapter. But the problem is when I resume my system from stand-by, I get an error saying USB deviced not recognised. Same thing happens if I restart my PC. I have installed all the drivers properly. I have XP running on AMD 64
  11. karthik55859

    Help? cant connect nokia 3100

    hi I have nokia 3100, a DKU-5 cable competable with 3100 when i connect one end of the cable to mobile a message pops up in mobile screen as data enhancement connected, but i cannot install it in my pc.... i have 1st installed DKU-5 cable drivers, and Nokia PC Suite, and also installed...
  12. abhishekkulkarni

    Installing .PFM Fonts in Windows 98

    Hey guys I have 4 Fonts whose files have the Extensions as .PFM and not .TTF . They are recognised easily in Win XP but not in Win 98. :cry: Please suggest some ways of using the Fonts in Win 98.
  13. A

    Floppy Media not recognised Plz help

    I have a floopy which has software used in GE CT scanner. When I use this floopy to my or any computer it says its media not recognised. would you like to format it? This floppy is in good condition because it works on CT scanner. Windows XP and Red hat linux couldn't recognise it. How can I...
  14. S


    Recently I visited a website . I was suprised to see all the latest bollywood movies (VeerZaara,Aitraaz) available for download for free. Only u need to install a bit-torrent software and ur done. I tried reading FAQ available on the site but the manner in which they are presented is really...
  15. D

    One completly strange problem - check out

    Hey guys, this is one of my friends prob, when ever we add any other hard disk other then his, it either get crashed, or get internally socked, or get any error that after that it doesn't even work. not even get recognised by the system, any idea guys, one more thing his hdd work fine in...
  16. swatkat

    Do Combo Drives have 2 lenses

    Hi, Do Combodrives have two lenses,one for reading CD and one for DVD? Because my drive is recognising only DVDs correctly and CDs are not recognised at all,it gives "No Disk inserted" message.
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