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Wise Old Owl
I need a Backpack for day-to-day office. Priority is durability with quality. Should have good space so I can carry it for the occasional travelling. Are Wildcraft, Adidas, Reebok, Fastrack, Puma, Targus any good?
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Wise Old Owl
WILDCRAFT is something I personally use and recommend. Fastrack is reasonable too. Targus - I have no idea.
Sorry for hijacking the thread. I am also interested in a backpack. I am seeing most of the members are suggesting Wildcraft Bagpack. Can anyone recommend a specific backpack of this company?


I'm using an american tourister since 3 years and i have not faced a single problem, still looks as good as new, looks cool too.


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I just use a Nike backpack ( the Man Utd one :p ), which I purchased in 2008. It went with me everywhere, abroad, and places in this country, I stuff everything there, back then it was just 1600 rupees I think. Durable as hell, the chain holders are broken though.

So just stick with a good brand, it will serve you way more than your money, I mean Adidas, Nike, Puma those kinds.


Samsonite, if your willing to shell out 4500/-
Carries the 16" Laptop + Tablet and two pairs of formal and casual clothing easily!
Durability is top notch! Have it 4+ years still its saves my everyday in commute!
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