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Top 10 World's Honest Cities


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The wallets may have been returned,But the money in them may be missing ;-)
Incredible India.

One of my friend found a foreigner's wallet which contains only international license and cards etc. He returned all the stuff which was inside to the police station and kept the wallet. :facepalm: foreign wallet hai yaar, true story


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Too much jealousy towards Mumbai. Huhh! Ye Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ka Maharashtra hai yaha honesty hi hogi. :)


Well, of all the places I have lived in, I really liked Mumbai, especially the people. I'm not too surprised about the result.

But yeah, the sample size is too small...maybe they didn't have enough money :D

Define Honesty

I can see Amsterdam in that list trololol.. I guess controlled prostitution comes under "honesty" haha

Whats wrong with Amsterdam again?
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