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^ Another game which initially started as ps3exclusive. But later made it's way to x360. Leading to nearly a year delay. These kinda situations are common these days.


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I don't know wether the wait for the game I want will ever end.
Max Payne 3 is the most awaited game this year. Rockstar games have been pospotning from past 2 years. I am very desperate to lay my hands on that game, as it is going to come this winter.

And ppl the other game to look out for is the awaited game for the NFS series being created by the makers of the cult burnout series, CRITERION games. Let us hope that NFS reaches new limits with ''NFS 10''.

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What happened to Crysis 2 and CoD: Black Ops :O

Black ops will be released this november, and the crysis series will taken ahead by its 2nd game, but the dates for the same are still unannounced


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^ I played civilization IV for a while.. liked the opening song very much. I'm looking forward for civilization V too. Can you tell me how to get used to Turn based system? I felt it repetitive after couple of hours. I know.. it is not. But how to get rid of that feeling?

If you are winning or at least competitive with the opponents then you can do many things each turn, i.e. you are micromanaging. Saying this because the higher difficulty levels are indeed tough. Opponents are merciless, expand quickly and efficiently to take much needed real estate, and declare war if you do not make clever diplomatic decisions. Diplomacy is very important in the higher levels. If you are losing, then it will be boring. You say to yourself - just one more turn before sleeping, and you do that repeatedly and suddenly see 1 more hour has passed.


i'm dying for CIV V
im saw the trailers and i was like... holy s#!t...
man this wil be huge..huge.....


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^Err.... it's inbetween Q4 '10 and Q2 '11, so, there's heck load of time to wait. BTW, I'm pumped too.

NFS: SHIFT 2's comin'! YEAH!!


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Eurogamer:Will a PC version of Alan Wake ever be released? Is it impossible now?
Oskari Häkkinen:I could never say it's impossible, but it's certainly not on the cards at the moment.
Oskari Häkkinen:The size of our team and how long it would take us to develop the PC version. It's not a simple process. It's not something you can do in a month or two months. It takes time to do it right.
We want the Remedy brand to be a seal of quality. Doing a half-assed PC version wouldn't be an option for us. Rather, if we do it, we'll do it properly.
It takes development time. It takes resources. At this time it's not on the cards.

Eurogamer: Would Alan Wake 2 have to be an Xbox exclusive or could you go multiplatform?
Oskari Häkkinen: With Microsoft Game Studios it's Xbox exclusive, or it's Xbox and PC version.
Please don't put that Alan Wake 2 is going to come out on PC, because that might not be true. Either is a possibility.
This was a snippet of the interview given by the Developers at Remedy to Eurogamer

read full interview here


i dont think doom 4 will be released in future
bcoz when DOOM3 ROE was launched ,they(the makers) stated that there will be nothing like that

however few months later there was a rumor that doom will be released with a whole different story and plot


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Even Doom 1 and Doom 2 were released with in a year gap.. it took a decade to Doom 3 to show up. Be patient.. D4 will come out for sure. It is one of the game that Defined id Software.. they won't dump the game, i think. Even if id is thinking about it... ZeniMAX won't allow them to do.

Mean while.. I've read some where that id official told to press unofficially about D4 that... "we can't show you the gameplay now. But the development is in progress"


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any idea when the elusive Duke Nukem Forever is Finally gonna release??
it will be the biggest letdown in the gaming history if released


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doom 4 is already in development and id guys say that it will be much better than rage.

And storyline will be original doom.
Some update abt it was expected in quakecon but nothing happened. Anyway i hav learned to wait :p some time more wont hurt.
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