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Thunderbird must go says Mozilla CEO

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Tribal Boy
Anand, I think the title and first part of your post is lil misleading.

Which is the actual source or webpage that shows the first part of your post ? I mean starting from "Mozilla CEO ..." to "Firefox is our future." ?

You could have given the actual source of your post as the link :) Here it is..

(I guess you meant the source by giving that URL ?) the link you gave below the post does not contain any part of the post at all !!!

http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/mitchell/archives/2007/07/email_futures.html Gives more info on it anyway.

The post sounds like it is the comment of Mozilla CEO, I mean “Thunderbird brings us no revenue ....” etc. But that is a comment of the staff writer Davey Winder and not from Mitchell.

You may also consider reading this (yes this is mitchell's blog link) -

Some people have wondered if revenue is the reason we're looking at making some changes in our approach to Thunderbird. The answer is no. No, no, no.

And finally there are more rumors than news about Thunder Bird these days ;)
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