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  1. A

    AMD Mantle API destroys Microsoft D3D

    Mantle API Vs. DirectX Thief Benchmarks The benchmark results are pretty impressive.Mantle API is seems quite promising. AMD’s Mantle brings 23% performance boost to Thief, TrueAudio impresses | ExtremeTech Furthermore Mantle benefits systems with weak CPU's a lot and brings the FPS levels to...
  2. T

    ASUS brings 32 GB tablet in india for rs. 18,999

    iGyaan.in | Asus Brings 32GB Nexus 7 In India Starting At Rs.18,999
  3. Empirial

    UMI X2 brings 1080p Screen, Quad-Core CPU for unbelievable Rs 14,000!!!

    Blown away by the Micromax Canvas HD? Wait till you hear about this one. Chinese smartphone maker UMI has launched its flagship, the X2 in India, available online for Rs 14,000. The X2 is a follow-up to UMI's first smartphone, the X1. That itself won’t grab your attention, so why don’t you take...
  4. P

    smartphones... well dey dont look smart..

    guys tell me frankly... which company brings out better smart phones..??? dont go in fr looks alone or for performance alone..??? which company brings better phones which look chic but have a monster inside..???
  5. T

    BSNL Problem. Modem spoilt?

    My BSNL connection is goinh down with clockwork precision after 8-9 mins. Link is there but data transfer stops. Switching the modem off and then on brings the connection back. What should I do? Change the modem? Thanks
  6. anandk

    Thunderbird must go says Mozilla CEO

    "Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker has admitted that Thunderbird is to be booted out of the Mozilla camp in order to allow “the Thunderbird community to determine its own destiny” apparently. Put through my patented BS translator this produced “Thunderbird brings us no revenue, gets a bad press whether...
  7. S

    Function keys have a mind of their own.

    I have a navtech wireless mouse and keyboard. sometimes my f keys stop funtioning normally eg.in ppt f5 brings up find and replace. this has happened many times before but it has fixed itself after sometime.
  8. D

    Gamers... Make Way For The Best Game Ever....

    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas This is the latest & by far the best that the rock* has produced.. The Latest development & the added features. Plus the graphics.. Plus The Gameplay, Plus the Amount of Interaction.. Plus the Involvement of the Gamer with the Game... Never seen anything like it...
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