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Today when I entered in my browser I was little surprised to see something unusual on screen. In a few seconds got a new refreshing look and more feature rich content. has now joined a league of online review sites like &

I wish best of luck and bright future ahead to all Digit Family :D


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Yes, I saw that too, and I like it, I like Red, the concept is very refreshing in colour and design. All the best.


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i saw it yesterday and i was shocked for a second i thought it was some other site :). any ways its looks really nice, +1 for a new skin and colors here in the forum.
lets keep our fingers crossed.


the reason is because DIGIT has changed ownership

when JDM were the ownere the site had a bluish theme bcos their logo had a similar colo scheme

now that 9x9 has become the owners, they changed the color scheme along with the content and layyout



and now the site has started looking vaguely similar to the IC-CHIP site, esp their forum......any merger plans?


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it looks so poor
The old look was excellent
I think now editors are handling the site part 2 :D lol


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chip has been taken over by network 18 guys :p

and the new theme is ok not that great but a lot better than the previous thing we had and theyv taken inspiration from chip & tech2 :D

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