The smallest LINUX ever created

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Broken In
1. DSL or Damn small linux the best and no:1 small distro

2. puppy linux

3. slax

4. zenwalk

5. pocket linux


The Researcher
The advantage of Puppy is that it's livecd can be used as a multi-session live cd. This means that you can work from the live cd and save documents etc. in that cd/dvd itself. It is very good. I have once such cd.


Wise Old Owl
DSL is the smallest.. I have also come across a custom linux distro which is 5Mb in size and runs a web server !


Right off the assembly line
ok you guys have it all wrong...
seriously the smallest COOL distro is Visopsys, an entire graphical os that can fit on a floppy...
um i think the link is
very cool and an excellent conversation starter!
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