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The one who succeeded in buying, should get Bharat Ratna lol I clicked buy now then it showed "Please wait you are in quque" Then it said sold out.


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their Facebook page is getting some huge "Love" from the guys who didn't get the Mi Band!!


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I was able to buy it both time and as soon as I click buy it takes me to page saying you are in line and then sorry we are out of stock. WTF man. And yet so sign of that full cost variant.


I'm hoping this doesn't ends up selling for 1500-2000 on ebay, olx etc like previous products from flash sale ended up. :lol:

And for those who try to sell it for profit, may somebody cut their internet connection off forever. :twisted:


Before logging in I just had a thought in mind what if seriously these guys sold the bands at higher prices to somebody else?
And I'm pretty much sure among the 1000 bands there is atleast one person who is going to sell that a premium price. Mean to say his purpose to get the band was to sell it to someone rather than for self.
If that is the case then the guy who buys from him should screw him up after the band goes kaput.
(Hoping that band goes kaput in a day of the 2nd person buying)


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This was just a publicity stunt.....I was online at 2 pm... can't be sold out in 1 second. I hate scumbag companies.....
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