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Just got my mom's Redmi 2 as a mother's day gift. But she is out of town and will be back only on Tuesday :(

First impression
The device is lightweight
Looks cute
MIUI/device lags like hell. The device is just opened and I installed the latest update too.The lag is unbearable for me. Will replace the $hitty launcher with some other. I don't think Aviate will be smooth in this mobile. Let me try a few out. But as my mom won't be using it anything other than phone calls and a few games, it should be fine.

And a question.. Please suggest a good tempered glass screen protector. Price up to Rs.700 is fine.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
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I'm having a issue in replacing the Mi-Recovery with CWM.
Dev options are enabled + USB debugging.
downloaded supersu and other files from here
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img done.

but when I go into recovery its still Mi-Recovery and not CWM.

Allu Azad

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Will Paranoid enable redmi1s to install apps in SD card?

Or is it a hardware limitation?

My friend's lenovo a 6000 has inbuilt option to change install location.


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On a Redmi Note 3G, I tried to install WSM tools v2.3.3. I didn't know not to reboot when it asked me to(we have to delete files with .jex extension). I can't seem to boot into my device anymore. it's stuck at the start up screen.

I entered recovery.(Volume - power together and select recovery). It shows me message:" NO COMMAND."

I entered fastboot mode to use custom recovery, using Command Prompt. It gives me the message :"Partition recovery not support flash."

Please, some help??

EDIT: Nevermind. Practised google-fu, found the solution: Unbrick Redmi 3g.
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