1. A

    Smartphone under 30K- camera not a priority

    Budget: 20K-30K Display: Minimum 1920x1080 Dual Sim not required. Preferred brands: Sony, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Asus Camera: No preferences. Preferred OS: Android, latest preferred, stock preferred Connection options: Minimum 3G Primary use: Calling/SMS, Web browsing, E-mail client...
  2. desai_amogh

    Is there any HAM/Amateur Radio operator on TDF ??

    I was just wondering.. With so many techies on TDF, Is there any HAM / Amateur Radio operators here??
  3. sahil1033

    [Query] Online Radio + Channel on TuneIn Radio

    I want to start an online community radio for my college and have no idea about audio streaming on website. I run this student run website: My UPES and want to stream audio on the website. Along with this, I want to have a channel on TuneIn Radio as well. If anyone can help me out with this, it...
  4. sahil1033

    [Query] Stream audio on website

    I want to stream audio on my website so that I can start an online radio. I even want to open a channel on TuneIn Radio. If anyone can help me with this, it would a great help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Anorion

    Shortwave Radio

    This is a web based shortwave radio with the receiver in .nl Wide-band WebSDR in JO32KF I found some Hindi stations and lost them then listened to North Korea Radio for a while, lost station, now listening to NHK Japan 15290 kHz .... and they stopped lol. You can also listen to Numbers...
  6. R

    Torch & Wireless Radio Mobile Needed

    Can someone please suggest few mobiles with flashlight and wireless radio, preferably from nokia? No other feature needed like camera or mp3 etc. ty
  7. A

    How to unlock FM radio in Nexus 5

    I just bought Nexus 5 32gb model. I live in mumbai & listen radio. But there in no radio in nexus 5. I searched lot in google and xda, but to unlock it new rom should be installed. I dont want to root my phone. Is there any different methods that I can try with or without rooting.
  8. sam9s

    sam9s Online Radio Station project! powered by Synology 413j and ICECast

    Hi All, Me again :D . with another project of mine which I was working for like 3,4 months now. Since the day I learnt that you can have your own personal radio station using ICEcast I wanted to have one for me as well. I had my old laptop lying around and all else it needed was RnD, time and...
  9. Mr.Kickass

    Mobile radiation causes no health risk: WHO expert

    (Source) Some comments, I don't know WHO did this, but it certainly doesn't seem right. Radiation IS harmful and cell tower radiation is no different. I do not want to investigate further but I think this report is misleading.
  10. Allu Azad

    All India Radio launches free SMS news service

    All India Radio launches free SMS news service | NDTV Gadgets
  11. N

    Best Mobile phone around 10k

    best mobile phone with budget of rs 10k(i can extend it by 1-1.5 if quality is good)..i have underlined nokia lumia 520 ,,but no fm radio ,no flash and limited apps is holding me back ,:(..
  12. R

    Nokia's 'Amber' Update enables FM Radio Functionality To Windows Phone 8

    Nokia Lumia gets update to enable FM radio and double tap to unlock. Here is the report > * Great News. :razz:
  13. T

    tech podcasts

    how many of you listen to tech podcasts ? are there any indian podcasts?? i think ndtv and the likes can start one... radio has nothing much to offer in our country... especially in non-metro cities
  14. cute.bandar

    radio with remote - cheap compact clear

    This one would be for my grandparents. A simple FM radio with decent speakers and remote(MUST). The compacter the better. Budget - 1500 . The only one could find was iball tarang for 1500 on indiaplaza, but its kind of big (with a woofer). Are there any other? Thanks
  15. K

    How to get FM Radio on Apple Devices ?

    Does anyone know of a APP or any other way to get FM Radio working on Apple Devices iPhone & iPad ?
  16. bad_till_bones

    Plantronics M25 Bluetooth headset :: FM Radio

    Hi, Can Plantronics M25 Bluetooth headset play FM radio in India? Please note - I am not taking about the Internet Radio here. I am referring to the AM & FM channels of the local radio service in India.
  17. B

    Iinternal PCI tv tuner for fm radio reception....

    I have a plan to purchase a internal tv tuner for fm radio reception.... Which one is good?............. PCI based or USB based? How about one given below? Gadmei Brand Internal TV Tuner + Capture Card With FM Radio | eBay i have a doubt.... The noise or spurious emissions from Mobo will...
  18. S

    Help Build a PC in Rs.15000

    hi guys, i was a mac user but now my laptop died on me and was told it would cost me 25000 to fix it up, i just dont have that much money i will have to save upto 15000 so i am hoping someone here can help... now i have sony "Bravia EX720" so i dont be needing a monitor, need the...
  19. S

    Best android phone around Rs.20,000

    i'm going 2 buy an android phone for around 20k..i need to know the 3 best possible options that i have... i'm looking for the phone with the best performance & reliability in this price range...the MINIMUM specifications that i require are:- Platform - preferably Android 4.0 Processor - 1...
  20. K

    Looking for a non-camera dual sim phone.

    Hi, I need a non-camera phone. Would like to have something as good my current Motorola EX-115. Other than dual-sim and no camera preferable features are: 1. QWERTY Keypad. 2. Memory storage. 3. FM Radio. 4. Music player - basic one would do. 5. Internet browsing. I have...
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