The Most Desirable Phone

Which is the Most Desirable Phone?

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Which according to you is the most desirable phone today? For me it Nokia N95.


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Me 2.

But personally I'ld prefer a SE Walkman phone with 5 megapix & 3x optical zoom with a Symbian OS.
But SE underplays its camera phones so that it's digital camera market remains unaffected

SE rocks. Always.

And check out this beauty from ASUS by the name - Aura.

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Nokia N99: Future Communicator

Nokia N99 can become a good answer to the popular Windows Mobile sliders with side QWERTY-keyboards – widescreen (16:9) 3.2” display, 9D-pad, 8-megapixel camera and 16 GB built-in flash ROM.


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Amongst the current phones,

Nokia N95 all the way.

:) I am a huge fan of the Symbian S60 phones.

But theres a phone i am ready to kill for - Nokia Aeon Conept




It changes colour according to your Mood and changes the Display according to the need.


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1.Nokia n95
2.Apple iPhone
3.Nokia n70ME(being realistic.. :D)

btw most of the concept fones we see here r most likely photoshopped


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If Nokia can deliver what they are promising with the Aeon concept, I think they'll have a winner on their hands. Nothing, however, is going to stop me from treating myself to an iPhone though. :D


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alsiladka said:
But theres a phone i am ready to kill for - Nokia Aeon Conept
What is that thing??? Wow... I'ld kill u for it!!!

This Aeon concept rocks. An actual touchscreen over the whole phone. No much news on it though.

Similar to Onyx from Synaptics & BenQ's BlackBox, below
* *
Slim beauties... all of them. The future rocks.


Nokia 1100....?? :D :D
All the phones featured above are awesome and eye-catching... Would love to have them, especially the nokia aeon...!! ;)


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Right now K790i, a 320X240 screen with nvidia 5500 mobile chip, the only reason I want to go for it over my current phone, 3.2 MP Camera, solid m4a player, video playback at 320X240 (mp4 video).. this is like the holy grail of phones

Nokia N95, but it's not out yet

Since we are talking about concpet phones, here are a few from SE:D

Concept 1

Concept 2

Sony ericsson black diamond


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pathiks said:
btw most of the concept fones we see here r most likely photoshopped

Hey Pathiks,
The Nokia Aeon Concept phone is directly from Nokia R n D site.

The pics have been posted on this site.


As of now its the Nokia N95 and iphone when its released.
I'll do anything to lay my hands on the Aeon Concept if it ever hits the market.
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