The Greatest Character In A Game Of All Time.........


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i just cant tell one so here i go

1.prince of persia (the greatest):cool:
2.gordon freeman from hl2
3.solid snake from metal gear
3.lucas from indigo prophecy
4.Agent 47 - the true silent assasin
5.duke nukem
6.tony hawk
7.Mia in NFS MW


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Pyramid Head ftw :D


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Manuel "Manny" GRIM FANDANGO...FTW !!!!!!


Manuel Calavera: [Taking pigeon eggs from a rooftop] You must come with me, young ones; for I am the Grim Reaper :D :D :D


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How come nobody has mentioned the coolest character to ever be created ??:mad::mad:

I am talking about DANTE from the Devil May Cry series !
He is inarguably the best character !


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Apart from Freeman (in half life), Tommy (mafia) - I like Geralt (the Witcher) :p
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^^:D Mario used to be my favourite too until he got boring(8times, 8 worlds, 8 levels each)
My vote(s):
47-Hitman Series
Remy - Ratatouille(the game)
Karan S'Jet(nice personality) - Homeworld, Homeworld 2.
Garrett- Thief Series
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