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Which is the team you HATE the most

  • Chelsea

  • Manchester United

  • Barcelona

  • Arsenal

  • Real Madrid

  • A.C. Milan

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester City

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@Pool fan-Yes we can't challenge for the title until the midfield is sorted,even Song leaves for ACN.But I believe we have enough defenders although Hangeland would certainly be nice.

Unfortunately none of them seems to be coming:(

Krazy Bluez

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i just can't stop laughing my arse off at the great united fan in a_rahim.

mr. rahim you can show all the middle and little fingers you have and even enjoy it.
i can't stop you. infact i don't want to. you are only displaying your short sightedness!

please sit somewhere in peace and think [if you can..oh and yes please shove your middle finger in your huge mouth sized butt while you think ]

Ronaldo of late wasn't keen on playing for united.. money had got big on him and he clearly saw his future at RM... and i don't think i'm making any mistake in saying that he thought he was bigger than the club -- which i'm afraid he is NOT.

I don't care for all your love for Ronaldo and I don't even give a FUK if you think he is bigger than the club.

80 million is NOT a small amount and will help united with a lot of stuff. We can expand our squad and if the money is utilized in a sane way, I think it would do us more good in the long run.

Please put some glasses on and get your finger out of your butt and stop smelling it and start thinking. Oh btw, if that finger stinks aap bhi chlormint khaiye aur sab bhool jayiye :D

What a post... :lol:


about what Kl@w posted-

I think that its too much of in depth analysis. Internationals are pretty much un-avoidable. To assemble a team keeping in mind all of those things would probably not be a practical way forward.

Besides, all those games will affect only one week and a position Citeh are in (say 8th - 10th on the league) I guess it won't make much of a difference even if they were to lose to any other side.


Slideshow Bob
^ But all of those players are forwards. So after every international break, City will be without their 4 strikers (unless they do an SAF and declare them as unfit for internationals). :p


Slideshow Bob
^ Republik of mancunia stole it from Studs-Up!!! :p






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Wenger declares interest for Chamakh on official site :shock:

Arsène Wenger has openly admitted for the first time that he is “keeping an eye” on Marouane Chamakh.

The media have linked Arsenal with the 25-year-old Bordeaux striker for much of the summer but there has been no official word until now.

With Emmanuel Adebayor about to finalise the formalities of his move to Manchester City, there may be room for another forward at Emirates Stadium.

However, after the 2-2 draw at Barnet on Saturday, Wenger would not confirm he would be definitely adding another front man. Yet if he does require attacking re-enforcements then Chamakh would be in his sights.

“We keep an eye on him,” said Wenger. “He is one of the players that we will follow and if we went for a striker then he would be one of the possibilities.”
Usually we never see a player's name on untill a week after he signs.:|
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Fergie is confident Manchester United will not be troubled by their local rivals — regardless of how much cash they splash.

The United boss said: "Given all that has happened in the transfer market this summer, it is a different type of challenge we are facing.

"We are being challenged for the back pages.

"Manchester City are getting all the back-page stories and they will hold that position for the rest of the season because there is a lot of interest in what they have done.

"But I cannot look at Manchester City as our main competitors.

"Liverpool and Chelsea are our main competitors — there is no doubt about that."

from TheSun ...

Fergie has only stated the truth, IMO. Citeh for top 4 this season? NAH!

also on a side note, look at the last line.. no mention of Arsenal :lol:


Broken In
Dudek, metzelder, pepe ,marcelo,miguel torres, diarra, gago,guti, raul,higuain,ronaldo
MAD-RID 's line up for tonight's match against shamrock rovers..benzema is left out(should have joined any other club, raul and higuain wont let him play)


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"Arsenal have the biggest job to do because they have sold Adebayor and don't seem to have the money the rest have got.

"How Arsene develops his team will be his biggest test.

"The one thing we know about Arsenal is that they will play some of the best football you will see and they will create chances.

"They could easily re-establish themselves and challenge for the league again.
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