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The Best P.C Game ever???

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wihout a shadow of doubt...my favorite...the Need for Speed series...i have played all except the first 1...and i own NFS2, NFS HP2, NFSU and now NFSU2....i like a lot of games...but the NFS series takes the cake...it just gets better with every instalment...and NFSU2 is simply breath taking....


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I am surprised...
I dont know about how many of you actiually played MAFIA.
I have played all of the games mentioned here and I must say Mafia is the best game I have ever played. No other game even comes close to the story and gameplay of Mafia.
The only game that made me forget that I am in year 2003 and not in 1933.
The story was absolute beauty. Realism was ther. The game had it all, drama, graphics,sound, gameplay, story.......
I totally agree with u funkymonkey.Now I am abt to kill Morello.It's such a nice game with really great graphics n the simulation of 1930s is awesome.Firstly MaxPayne 2 was no.1 4 me.but now MAFIA rulez.Hey whether there willl be Mafia-2 or only Mafia coz in this game Tommy is dead............so will there be Mafia-2 with another character.


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I love Doom, Half-Life and Quake III. the ones to bring revolution in the PC industry. Half-Life2, Doom3 and Quake IV (soon to b released) continue the passion. i was never an avid fan of NFS series but STALKER also took attention away from NFS underground. NFS underground II made me MAD with mindblowing CARS and GFX.


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metal gear solid(1) rox arse.

2,3,4 havent played yet. but its mgs1 is an all time classic.

the otehr one wud be command and conquer. released abck in 1990. first rts game EVER. first game to use digital audio. best in the series as well.


In order of Liking

Doom 3
Max Payne Series (Not for gfx, but for dam cool storyline)
UT2004, kill them all


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Best Game Ever??????????????Hmmm kinda Hard To digest Mate :shock:....Cause The List is Long and The Time Is short.....So Lets make a Quick One Here Shall We...... :p
1.)Quake 3 (Cant believe Its Still The Game used for Benchmarking many Graphic cards and My Personal Fav For I Started My First Fps With This :D)
2.)Unreal Tournament Series (Well They are Simply The Best)
3.)Doom 3 (Man This Game Really Blew Everything Off 8) )
4.)Half Life 2 (Another Gameplay And Graphic Marvel)
5.)Hitman Series (The Best Of Its Genre)
And More to Come If I Can get This post Edited..... :lol:


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FPS : DOOM 3 :lol:

strategy : AOM :lol:


8) True fan of JOHN CARMACK


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i ve played a lot of pcman even on my new computer.

then The MaxPayne series, MAFIA, GTA series DOOM series etc


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i see that FarCry isnt on any of the list. isnt it one of those game with revolutionary graphcs. atleast tahts what i thougt wehen i was playing it.


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I loved playing these games...


My all time favorite in PC games is the Jagged Alliance series, starting from JA2, JA2:UB, JA2:WF and JA2:UC. I have completed the first two and playing the third one.What's the big deal, you may ask...try it on the Experienced mode and then let me know 8).It is one of those games which did not get marketing muscle, but got hit simply because of its satisfying gameplay.

Also enjoyed Half Life,MDK and LavaCap.




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Wow, that's a tough one to choose, best PC game, hmmm....
Here are some I absolutely loved.

Quake 2.
Doom Series.
MaxPayne 1&2.
Aliens Vs Predators.
Half-Life Series.
Unreal Tournament.
Age of Empires Series , AOM, RON and Warcraft 3 onwards.
GTA Series.
MOH and COD Series.
The NFS Series are the best when it comes to racing games.

I am sure I must have missed atleast a couple of more games in my list above. As I said, its pretty difficult to mention any one game, though one game that will stay close to my heart has to be Quake 2 - it was the first FPS game I ever played. I am eagerly waiting for Quake 4.


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Now when did MaxPayne become an RPG game??? :shock:

Anyway, my fav..absolute fav: Deus Ex.

No other game comes even close to it. :p


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QUAKE 1 . it was the first truely 3D game from id. also the monsters and the weapons and the atmosphere have never been sucessfully recreated in any modern game.


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i've inte 810E graphics and the best game i've played is spiderman 1. the graphics are reasonably good and the game offers quite a lot of flexibility.


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Splinter Cell.......

You just can't argue with the graphics, music and advanced gameplay.....

The graphics just bowled me over the first time I played it.. Sam Fisher (your character) even blinks and breathes! 8)

The lip movement is perfectly synchronised with the narrations..
Waiting to buy Pandora Tomorrow Expansion.. . :D

Metal Gear Solid is another great one, but the graphics come nowhere near the game above...

Then there are the all-time classics:
Age of Empires Conquerors
Warcraft III
Command & Conquer
and yeah, Commandos (BEL, BCD, MOC, C3)

If any of you haven't played these yet, you're missing something in life.. Do try them out...
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