Terminator 4: Salvation Day

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Wire muncher!
Awesome sound effects and almost totally full of machines and bombings.

The Move is good!
You liked it???!!!

The story manages to just hold on and it does connects to the previous part,enough to make sense out of the movie.But then thats it.The story line i felt particularly could have been more explicit. Or was it that i was lost into the action scenes so much.
Was there any storyline in the movie??!!!

True, when I saw that movie T4, I felt like it had no direction in story.

I will go for this movie probably today or tomorrow.
Don't waste your money on this movie.

It will be very hard, if not impossible, to trump a movie like T2. It was a milestone in action sci-fi.
T2 was the "baap" of the series!

story was good,action was amazing
Agreed on the second part. But what exactly was the 'story'??? I find absolutely NO progress in the story! I felt this was one of the crappiest Terminator movies, following T3.

seriously, transformers 2 is just a bit better than Terminator 4.
Agree on every word of your statement!
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