Tax exemption for Rahman

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he did the nation proud. better if politicans start paying tax

Did rahman know he was going to win the oscar ? rahman made those songs only to get a fat fee from the makers of SM. rahman is a cheat. he has copied most of his music frm foreign compilations. just try searching on google, u'll get a whole list of such songs. In fact all his songs are reworked from some other source. I don't believe any person can come up with such a huge list of hits in such a short span of time. No other musician has come up with so many hit songs till date. Even Mozart doesn't have so many compilations to his credit.


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A.R Rehman is a nice music director but not great.I dont understand why do we have to celebrate and be so proud of him. after all he got an award for british movie not bollywood.If he had got oscar award for an bollywood then things would be different.


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if he gets an exemption its good for him U AND ME ARE NOT GOING TO GET ANY SINGLE $ except to be proud of what he has done as an Indian let IT dep decide what so ever


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The truth is Congress did this for vote banks... by sayin that india won oscar during its period.....its politics n nothin to do with rahman deserves it or not..
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