1. socrates

    Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack

    Web provider NetNames targeted Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack | News | TechRadar UK
  2. abhijit_reddevil

    Tax exemption for Rahman

    Source: Home Minister P Chidambaram said he would ask the Finance Ministry to exempt from taxation, all the cash prizes won by A R Rahman at the Oscars. Why? :mad: Why should the middle class people like us...
  3. S

    Do you believe in destiny?

    As simple as it can be. Do you believe in destiny, your future? I choose NO. If all my actions were governed by destiny then whatever I do is already defined. This means I have no bounds in my life, I may kill anyone and this is predefined so I will not be thrown in hell. But then its said...
  4. crazybutt

    how necessary is good memory + etc

    i wanna save evry penny while just wanted to ask..what if i get d amd 3200+, 6600gt 256 and asus a8ne...but opt for cheap unknown memory (my already existing comp has dis 768MB ram...but of unknown quality) how bad do i suffer...wats d difference some quality mem will make in my...
  5. M

    What Happens to Harddisk on Reset

    Hai friends i want to know what happens when we press the reset button,is there any problem for our hardware such as hard disk or we just have to suffer the unsaved dataloss.please explain it in detail as i am confused about several myths about it.waiting for ur response thanx in advance
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