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SVCHOST error in Windows XP

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Hello All
I m having Core i3 system with Windows XP-SP2.
AV is Avast, Firewall is Comodo. Whenever I connect to internet after few minutes Comodo is giving error for SVCHOST process and Windows is also throwing error. A screenshot of the error is attached with this post for details.
When this error comes internet connection stops responding, and it cant be disconnected too.

The system is just 1 day old and I don't think its a virus attack.
Kindly help

Thank you.


Cyborg Agent
AFAIK, schost.exe is windows internal service which is necessary for proper working of the OS. Regarding the problem, your service is blocked by comodo firewall, because of which ur network turns unstable. U can try uninstalling comodo and also disable drwatson manager, which is another windos service for debugging crash programs.
remove comodo and install zone alarm free firewall. its far better than comodo. i used to get same prob when i had comodo. run a complete scan with avast and disable dr.watson
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