1. L

    SVCHOST error in Windows XP

    Hello All I m having Core i3 system with Windows XP-SP2. AV is Avast, Firewall is Comodo. Whenever I connect to internet after few minutes Comodo is giving error for SVCHOST process and Windows is also throwing error. A screenshot of the error is attached with this post for details. When this...
  2. ComputerUser

    Five SVCHOST processes?

    There are five SVCHOST processes running on my PC.What is this process for? Is it a virus?
  3. kkg_mjh

    Svchost Problem

    freinds i'm having the following svchost problem please tell me possible solutions My OS: XP professional SP2 intel celeron M 1.30 GHz 248 MB of RAM
  4. koolbluez


    What does this file, svchost.exe, exactly do? Whenever I try to access internet, my COMODO firewall shows it trying to access the network. Is it some windows-file-turned-trojan/worm? What is its exact purpose? I felt that sometime I'm not able to access net after disabling it in COMODO. Can u...
  5. gofeddy

    system restart!!

    hello i have a small problem here. once in a while(randomly) my system gets restarted automatically without giving any errors on restart. i happens just like that. is it a virus or some svchost problem?:-?
  6. S

    Win2k svchost problem

    Hello friends I m using win 2000 witha a BSNL broadband connection. Whenever i connects to internet a command window(windowed) popups suddenly.the titlebar shows it is "svchost". I fear that svchost is a system application a nd it may be required for the conection. I just minimize the...
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