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suse 9.2 dvd/cd

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Broken In
hello does anybody in bangalore have the suse 9.2 dvd or cd for me to borrow copy???

Suse has altered their licence to allow the copying of their distro as long as its not for profit.


t3h g04t
the downloads 3.3 gb...I'll get it once I can get a portable HDD...it should take 3-4 hrs..too bad I'm in Cal


FooBar Guy
You can contact pradeep_chauhan. He is also in Bangalore and studies in IISc i believe. He must be having a fat download line at his campus.


Broken In
Well you can contact this address:
#695,11th Cross,5th main, MC Layout
Vijayanagar, Bangalore-560056
ph:- 23119881, 23119882

there u can get for a reasonable price, I hope..


pradeep ,

SuSE 9.2 pro for me too plzzzzzzzzz. :wink:

I think u stay near trinity circle rt??

Plz mail me when u have it ready.



Cyborg Agent
Will Do it I will put the download tonight (Now i am trying to set up the Data One Modem .... without any luck and little help from bsnl)
I live 100m from trinity circle on the road going to the air port road where all the army officers accomadations is there.
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