1. Desmond

    Overtake an ambulance and lose your driving licence

    A move in the right direction. I hope this picks up every where else too. Source: Overtake an ambulance and lose your driving licence
  2. funskar

    Internet Rates May Go Up by 30%

    Using the internet may become up to 30 per cent costlier as the Department of Telecom issued corrigendum to the new telecom licences agreement bringing revenue from these services under its cess net. As per the initial version of the Unified Licence on August 2, DoT had exempted internet...
  3. B

    Query on smart card driving licence.Need help from anyone in bangalore.

    I took my driving licence from bangalore 6 yrs back.I left bangalore sometime after that.Recently only I came across the news that smart card driving licence has been introduced in karnataka in the year 2009 and all DL holders have to switch to smart cards within 2 years(i.e.2011).But I have not...
  4. ajayashish

    Kaspersky Renewal Issue

    hi, i Bought 3 user licence for Kaspersky Internet Security for 1800 last yr from the official site. After this purchase a friend of mine purchased the same from a local shop for 550. Now i want to renew this. Can someone tell me if i purchase this from a local shop will i be able to renew...
  5. J.Smith

    What's the scene with Learner's Licence? Can I own and ride bike with it!

    Hi I just learned how to ride a bike and now (as many ppl said) I craving for one! But right now I just have the Learner's Licence and as per the rule I can't apply for Driver's Licence untill next month! Even after that I'll have to wait for a month to get the DL! Now can I legally own and...
  6. V

    M$ empire strike back@Vista's(now Win-7)users!!

    M$ again does what it want..Strike it users...Basking on its early success of windows-7, it immediately strike the Vista's users who are now a proud(fraud?) owner of Windows -7 upgrade disks,license,,and eager to clean installing it..Most Vista users with a "full" license were eligible for an...
  7. R

    How to Obtain High Security Registration licence Plates?

    any idea guys?
  8. invisiblebond

    Expect 3G services and some mischief

    Expect 3G services and some mischief :p
  9. jatt

    lost media center 12 code

    hi frnds i have lost my media center 12 licence file.please help me how can i register that now i m totally confused because my saved profiles will be lost after trial please give me any solution or licence file PM. ignore if its illeg here. thanks
  10. RCuber

    Should we have TV Licence Fee ?

    Ok now the government is imposing a annual "Licence Fee" of 500 bucks. Most of you might have read it. Now I was not surprised about this tax.. because I had heard about TV tax in UK from one of my cousin. I just checked if there is any info on the UK tax thing and was shocked :mad: First in...
  11. B

    Pay more for Net surfing

    Internet services are likely to get more expensive. Broadband connection users might have to pay more for Internet access if the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommendations to impose an annual licence fee for Internet service providers come into effect. Currently, ISPs pay only Re...
  12. D

    WinXP Pro Licence details.

    Hello friends, One of my client is setting up a new CyberCafe with 15 systems.Agent 001 once said that there is a Windows XP Paper Licence available(to run all systems with one single serial key), i want to know the details of this licence & if possible inform me from where i can purchase it in...
  13. tango_cash

    how to view drm licence wmv files

    hi i recently got some wmv video files but when i play them it asks for some licence this also happened with 'batman returns' video which was given by do i play these files.which player do i need.
  14. abhasbajpai

    WM contants licence urgent help requested.

    hi, i hv downloaded some copy protected video in windows wma format from a website, when i played it in media player 10 its asked fro the licence so Win media player accuaired the desired licence form the website now my problem is when ever i play the file it always ask for the...
  15. GameAddict

    What is vlsi-lm- VLSI Licence Manger in a nmap probe?

    Hi, The result of a nmap 3.81 probe shows UDP port 1500 open and the service running is vlsi-lm which stands for VLSI Licence Manager. Any idea what the application is? Searching on Google gave no satisfactory results. The system in *nix based. Bye! GA
  16. O

    suse 9.2 dvd/cd

    hello does anybody in bangalore have the suse 9.2 dvd or cd for me to borrow copy??? Suse has altered their licence to allow the copying of their distro as long as its not for profit.
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