1. vedula.k95

    Visiting Mumbai[Suggest me places]

    Hello Forum, i will be visiting Mumbai name me some places worth visit Priority Tech Market A specific store where i can buy arduino accessories aka Electronic modules.
  2. @

    [Want to Buy] Anything Arduino. Boards, AVR, Servos, LEDs

    I am sure some of people here bought some DIY stuff which is lying unused. I will buy them for you. Be it original or clone, jumper wires or IC kits, I am interested. Have full kits? Induino? Arduino robot kits? common used resistors, capacitors, timers, sensors etc etc. So PM me.
  3. icebags

    the Open Source hardware thread

    Arduino Alright, several TDF members are on their way to acquire their arduino boards from abroad. And I personally am trying to build one. If any of you have experience with arduino, kindly share knowledge. An arduino board can easily be purchased from ebay with pricing from ~500 and...
  4. Vyom

    ARDUINO Compatible STARTER KIT for just $12 - For Anyone to learn Electronics!

    If you ever wanted an Arduino kit to kickstart those electronics projects, then this is a GOLDEN chance! Arduino is a microcontroller board that can used for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. The hardware consists of a simple...
  5. H

    Suggestions for a big electronic checkout

    No storylines, so I got the chance of setting up a list of electronic kits/devices for an incubator service. They have a sizable amount of funding, and is looking forward to put up these kits/projects as a booster for startups and hobbyists. I got an Arducopter(Quad) to play with, will be...
  6. Anish

    Arduino Uno - Review

    My Dear Techie friends.... here is my first review on thinkdigit: Today (Feb 10, 2012) I got the parcel – It was delivered by India post. For all techies posting gadgets and consumer electronics reviews →this may look weird to you. Yes I am writing a review about Arduino – The open-source...
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