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Suggestions for a 125 cc bike!

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Sangeet Premi
Hey Guys,

Need suggestions for a 125 cc bike. Mostly for city driving. Riding comfort and good enough mileage is what I am looking for. I am 6'3" tall.


Yamaha Gladiator SS
Honda Shine
Bajaj Discover 135

Have heard a lot of negative reviews about XCD and Flame, but inputs would be appreciated :)


Slideshow Bob
Taking into consideration your height, I'd recommend the yamaha Gladiator SS. The other bikes you mentioned would look puny with a 6'3" man astride!


6'3"????? ouch that hurts. just short of u by 0'1".

i say better go for the Unicorn. 150cc. company says mileage is 60kms to the litre.

still if u wish to stick to these three options then i say "Shine". its got a bit of a macho look to it. which is something required for tall guys like us.


dá ûnrêäl Kiñg
Gladiator SS is much better than any other 125cc,better handler,smooth ride even at 80km/hr,stylish and the best of them all the 5th gear which is must anything above 100cc.....or go for 150cc unicorn


Sangeet Premi
I'd thought QnA would be apt. Anyways, I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section. Mods, please do the needful :)

Thanks for the suggestions, Guys! Would love to hear mroe opinions.

P.S: Gigacore, Why are you sad about the height? :p


Sangeet Premi
^^ Yes, The CBF Stunner has just been launched. It certainly does look stunning. Has also been moderately priced at around 52K


Cyborg Agent
3. Discover - You could have trouble with your height.
2. Shine - Good performance and comfort.
1. Gladiator SS - Ideal for your height.

However, you should try a test ride before you book one.


Sangeet Premi
Thanks, Guys! I've shortlisted Shine and Gladiator.

btw, Any Flame users here? How good is the bike?


The real Bond
If you stick to a 125 cc bike then my vote goes to Gladiator for

  • very good handling
  • good pickup
  • very stable and composed on high speeds
  • Has 5 gears
  • Good brakes well complemented by tyres, (the tyres behave very good on normal roads, but,the only downside for me, have significantly less grip on wet roads/damaged roads)
  • I get around 55 KMPL in city riding mostly 60-70 (more often than not shooting from lower gears)
About shine; It looks small compared to Gladiator. As I read in an auto magazine (Overdrive) some times ago, it accelerates really quick going to about 60-65 but from thereon just gives up. Don't remember its average though. It also tend to vibrate on speeds above 60.

Another thing, which I enjoy, Yamaha's sales are really less compared to Honda, so I really dont have to waste time waiting at the service centre for my (bike's) turn.:cool:
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