Suggest Monitor+PSU for GTX980Ti (Budget INR 70000)


Talk to the hand!!!
My specs:

Processor Intel Core i7 3770
RAM: 2x8GB @1600Mhz
PSU: Corsair CX500

I need:

1 Monitor either 4K or 1440P resolution or 2 monitors 1080p resolution with 60Hz refresh rate depending on budget.

1 PSU with 600W+headroom for components listed above whichever is the required output power for a single 980Ti as per Geforce website

I will never bother to overclock(Maybe turn up the clockspeed sometimes as much as permitted without resorting to playing with voltages)
I do not care for a 144Hz monitor. I just want maximum resolution the 980Ti can give to run games at 60FPS.

Please advice.


Check this Out..

Buy Online Asus Rog Swift 27inch PG278Q WQHD 3D Monitor in India

1440p, 144hz RR, 1ms, G-sync , 3D...

For PSU,go for above mentioned one..
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Talk to the hand!!!

Edit: Corsair RM650 is also available for 8000 and is a few bucks cheaper than the Seasonic one.

Should I go with Corsair or Seasonic since both are 80+Gold and more or less have the same features?
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