Suggest Monitor+PSU for GTX980Ti (Budget INR 70000)


Talk to the hand!!!
My specs:

Processor Intel Core i7 3770
RAM: 2x8GB @1600Mhz
PSU: Corsair CX500

I need:

1 Monitor either 4K or 1440P resolution or 2 monitors 1080p resolution with 60Hz refresh rate depending on budget.

1 PSU with 600W+headroom for components listed above whichever is the required output power for a single 980Ti as per Geforce website

I will never bother to overclock(Maybe turn up the clockspeed sometimes as much as permitted without resorting to playing with voltages)
I do not care for a 144Hz monitor. I just want maximum resolution the 980Ti can give to run games at 60FPS.

Please advice.


Talk to the hand!!!

Edit: Corsair RM650 is also available for 8000 and is a few bucks cheaper than the Seasonic one.

Should I go with Corsair or Seasonic since both are 80+Gold and more or less have the same features?
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