1. C

    ASUS GTX980Ti STRIX OC Review : Titan X for cheap

    The GPU market has seen the same transition for the last couple of years like the CPU market. Nvidia and AMD fighting for the graphics supremacy has more often than not been a very even battle, with both companies releasing products steadily at a less than a year cadence to outrun each other...
  2. warfreak

    Suggest Monitor+PSU for GTX980Ti (Budget INR 70000)

    My specs: Processor Intel Core i7 3770 RAM: 2x8GB @1600Mhz 3xHDD 1xSSD PSU: Corsair CX500 I need: 1 Monitor either 4K or 1440P resolution or 2 monitors 1080p resolution with 60Hz refresh rate depending on budget. 1 PSU with 600W+headroom for components listed above whichever is...
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