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Suggest Digicam 12k - 15k



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Found the solution.

We don't have option to turn ON/OFF in some modes (like AUTO). I was looking for IS option when I was shooting in such mode.

I was searching for solution online. I don't remember where I got this info. If I am right, Canon support (Canada).


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Good to see the extensive research you have done. I have also done a simillar research for the past one month and have zeroed in on canon sx130 IS. Just came across your post saying you have already bought the camera.

How is the camera sx130. Performance and ease of use especially the battery life which has got a lot of flak from users. For how much did you get it.
Also which battery, chargers are you using. (also cost of them)

Can you advise me on wether i can go ahead and buy the SX130?

Thanks in advance!!!


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Yeah, its almost a month. Since it's my first camera, all my views/comments are based on this camera alone.

Performance and ease of use:

You should have read many cons about this camera. I feel these two are the cons after using this camera.

*Slow flash recycle (I don't use flash much, so it's not a big issue for me)
*Noticeable chromatic aberration at telephoto (Noticeable in my moon shots)

There are few things I like but some don't think so.
*It's little bulkier.
*It uses AA size batteries.
*Manually operated flash.

Other things I like. Better I keep it short else I have to list out most of the features.
*Full manual controls
*ISO boost up to 6400
*Longer shutter
*Vivid, Sepia among others... (shooting modes)

I have posted around 50 photographs in this thread. You can check the quality of the image.

There are 8 buttons, 2 dial wheel and a zoom lever. All of them are on the right hand side. I think it's common for a camera with manual controls and I don't feel uncomfortable using it. Hmmm... Buttons could have been a little better.

In the bundle I received,
-SX130 IS
-Camelion mini charger with 2xAA NiMH (2100mAH) batteries
-2xAA Panasonic - Alkaline batteries
-4 GB San disk memory card (Class 4)
-USB Cable
-AV Cable
-Warranty card
-User Manual


Later I bought,
Envie Speedster quick charger
4xAA NiMH Sanyo Eneloop batteries (2000mAH)


Battery life:

I keep close track of battery performance. So far I have shot with 12 pairs of batteries (Including fresh (used right out of the pack) and recharged) at an average of 167 snaps per pair of batteries (least 57 snaps from Panasonic (Alkaline) and best 262 from Sanyo Eneloop (NiMH).
These are batteries I used,
1 Pair of Panasonic - Alkaline
1 Pair of Camelion - NiMH (2100mAH)
2 Pairs of Sanyo Eneloop - NiMH (2000mAH)

Note: For calculation purpose I converted 15sec of video is equal to 4 snaps.

I used Standard mini charger for the first 2 recharge. Then I bought Envie Speedster, since then I am using Envie to recharge batteries.


Are you a newbie interested in photography? and/or
Wishing to buy SLR but the budget is tight? and/or
Wishing to learn with compact before buying SLR? and/or
You want a compact camera with full manual control?

If yes, SX130 won't disappoint you. It has satisfied most of the consumer and I am one among them. In this price tag, this camera has filled with lot of good features and it produces excellent images in this category of cameras.

My quote about this cam
Compact camera with full manual controls and excellent image quality at affordable price
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I asked for the moon and you gave me the entire solar system!!! :)

Thank you for advising me in such detail. Appreciate your effort and concern.

I am a novice and this will be my first digital camera.

Thanks to you, I think buying the SX 130 has been finalised. But can I get some more guidance on the cost factor and where to buy. Also I would like to know the battery, chargers - cost and place to buy.

I am from Bangalore.

with many regards,


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I checked few sites, this is the best deal among them. But I don't suggest, if you want to buy it from Sulekha call them and ask for detailed information.

Go clicking with a Canon Power Shot SX130IS Digital Camera for Rs. 10,015! - Sulekha Offers

If you are buying online, it's better to buy it from the seller who offers COD option. Flipkart offers COD but you can find better deal from the local dealer. You can negotiate for price from your local dealer, probably you may get some good Christmas/New year discount.

I wanted to buy a refresh charger, but it's little pricey. Finally settled with Envie speedster. If you want a refresh charger there are few in the market. Two models from Sony and one from Yes Infinity.

BCG-34HRE4KN : Chargers : Batteries & Chargers : Sony India
BCG-34HRE4 : Chargers : Batteries & Chargers : Sony India
BCG-34HRMF4N : Chargers : Batteries & Chargers : Sony India
BCG-34HRMF4 : Chargers : Batteries & Chargers : Sony India

If you are ok a quick charger with no refresh function, you can buy Envie Speedster.

If you find big price difference between your local dealer and online seller, go ahead and buy online. But ask them the full details before buying, like what you will get in the bundle etc... Better if it's COD. If there is no big difference better buy it from local dealer.

And I don't see SX130 in Canon's site. I don't know why... When I was collecting data, there was 20 models from Canon, but now I see only 18 models and two are new in them. So 4 models are not listed in Canon site.
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@sujoy.. how long does a discontinued model stay in the market. Is it advisible to go for such a model (though sx 130 is not being shown on canon website from just a short time)

@nac.. thanks again. I am not too inclined on online purchase as it involves a big amount (since its my hard earned savings) and I dont really trust the reliability of such sites.

I did a few rounds to the shops listed in the canon site in bangalore - brand shops. The best price is Rs. 10500 with case, memory card and charger.

Though i didnt check out viveks, pai and such other shops or the grey market - burma buzaar, national market etc. May be for battery and chargers I will look here.

Is this a good deal, and the right decision?


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It's better than Flipkart price. But negotiate you could get better than 4.5% off, it's Christmas time.

About batteries and charger, Camelion batteries are reasonably good so far. If you are not gonna take your camera more frequently, you can buy extra batteries later. Again if you are OK with 12 hours charging, you can buy a quick charger later.

Check with GK Vale, Camera Citi, Propix, Foto Circle and search online for a good camera shop in Bangalore.


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Its fine to get SX130 coz ultimately canon is giving u warranty ...dont worry ...it will disappear from market as soon the stock finish off :)

your price is fine...and like nac said u can get a quick charger later


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It's almost confirmed that SX130 is discontinued. I have few sites, and it says that the cam is discontinued. Canon Hongkong listed under discontinued cameras.


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@nac and @sujoyp thanks a lo for your valuable updates and information.

I have just joined the Canon SX130 bandwagon. Bought it on 22nd. Currently going through the user guide.

In the mean time I snapped a few test pictures in AUTO mode and a couple of videos. The videos as short as 1 min in length have a file size of nearly 400mb in .mov format.
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I dont know why my posts are getting tossed around. I am not able to attach photos properly.

Please advise....


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Congrats SKR...

Happy clicking...

For posting your photos, don't upload here. I think we have limited storage space here. There are plenty of sites like flickr, imageshack among others. You can upload your photos there and share the link here.

After uploading your photos you'll get a direct link, copy that and insert that link here by clicking INSERT IMAGE icon (mountains and sun) and paste the link in the pop box and click OK.


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@nac Thankyou!!!

Below I have attached a few snaps as captured(no editing done).

The tree in the first two was almost 30-35ft away. Shot in AUTO mode and 12x zoom.

Frm 30ft | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sky spikes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The flower from my garden was shot at around 10.45 in the night. AUTO mode using flash and little zoom, the flower was around 2ft away.

Flower1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The God tile is on our terrace. A distance of about 20-25ft from the ground. This was also shot in AUTO mode using flash and zoom in the night at around 10.45.

Aanjaneya | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Yet to discover more.
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