1. Zangetsu

    [Join] Dead Trigger 2 channel

    Hi Guys, I have just started Dead Trigger 2 and i know some of you folks are already been there. So, lets add each other as frnds to save the world from zombies Btw I am addicted to DT 2 now. Note: I have also added a poll to check how many of you actually play DT 2 Comment on...
  2. S

    Anyone Wants to buy Mi 4I

    I have just successfully added the phone to my cart anyone interested to buy it for 1K extra i.e for 14K(negotiable). PM me..:lol: (mumbaikars only) (it will be deleted from my cart at 6pm).
  3. N

    PC Builder Online

    Online PC Builder Anyone here used this online pc builder? It maybe an alternative to pcpartpicker for us. The website is relatively new and much of the data is yet to be added.. What do you think?
  4. D

    Need an android phone under 15k ??

    Guys I have seen may phones under 15k but I'm confused which one to choose. Though all the emerging developers attracts us with huge configurations and stuffs, they are no match for a branded one. and so my preference is getting "Moto G" Also one added information, I want my phone to last...
  5. Genius-jatt

    Method Describing How to Reduce Heat of Graphics or Video cards ?

    Method Describing How to Reduce Heat of Graphics or Video cards ? Friends One day I was very frustrated as I saw my Graphics-card get suddenly heated very much,While playing GTA-IV. So at the spot I shut down my PC. Next day I have an idea as I know some Hardware, I get an OLD HEAT-SINK from...
  6. Flash

    Qualcomm says eight-core processors are 'dumb'

    Eight-core mobile processors are “dumb,” as the consumer wants an experience that comes from more than just throwing cores together, a Qualcomm executive said, referring to new eight-core chips announced recently. “You can’t take eight lawnmower engines, put them together and now claim you...
  7. C

    Trai tightens norms for mobile value added services

    Source Trai tightens norms for mobile value added services - The Economic Times Double Confirmation before Activation of Value Added Services – TRAI NEW DELHI: Telecom operators have to take double confirmation from consumers before activating value added services (VAS) and must complete...
  8. ╬Switch╬

    Looking for a tablet for internet and multimedia use ~10k

    Hi guys, I'mn looking to buy a tablet for around 10k. I will mostly be using it for email, skype, viewing pictures and music and the occasional movie ( I have a 22" monitor with an DVI port) games would be an added advantage. I found this which seems good : Swipe-Halo-Value-8 Are there any...
  9. M

    How to withdraw balance

    Okay guys just tell me about this: I have recently made an account at Skrill. I have added my SBI bank account by adding its swift code and my account number. Now the bank's been added in the list. Now can I withdraw funds directly into my SBI bank account? Or is there anything else I would...
  10. D

    My experience with Origin and EA support

    2011, pre-ordered BF3 limited edition. Well never got time to play it and was busy with my steam library.. played the singleplayer campaign in offline mode and never touched the multiplayer part. At end of 2012, decided to give multiplayer a try. Download the whole 15gb game, and tried to...
  11. sharang.d

    Need a new Router(Non Adsl) under 2k

    1) Should have 4 or more LAN ports 2) WIFI (Band and frequency does not matter) 3) DD-wrt supported will be an added advantage but not really necessary. It's for a friend.
  12. C

    Sennheiser HD 205 or 203

    Hi All, I am looking Headphones. I have dell laptop and going to using them with it. This is going to be my first headphone purchase. The headphone should be comfortable for long. hours. having mic attached is added advantage. I don't know much abt headphone. zeroed on sennheiser brand. open to...
  13. T

    Need Suggestion For Mobo+ Processor for 25k

    Planning to buy a Mobo+Processor within 25k. Please suggest what will go best with i7 2600k. Graphics card will be added at a later date probably a crossfire. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  14. dashang

    about wordpress plugin

    i have a wordpress blog: | Just another WordPress site I had added a WOO TUMBLOG plugin. It got added in another page named "post" . But i want it on home page now . Please tell me what to do the plugin appears when i log in and navigate to "post" page. i want to transfer my plugin to home...
  15. Pravas

    HTC One X/White

    Hi fellow Digitians I'm here to sell 2 months old HTC One X/White The details are as follows:- 1. Model number and details: HTC One X S720e/White (Tegra 3 Quad Core) 2. Date of purchase: It was gifted but as mentioned on the box, March 2012 3. Reason for sale: Eyeing on Nexus 7 Tablet and...
  16. S

    Searchdeal Feedback

    Hey Guys! I need your feedback about . Just have a look and let me know what changes would you like and what else can be added?
  17. thetechfreak

    Opera Mini 7 Launched!

    Opera Mini 7 has just been launched. Received it as a update via iTunes on my iPod. This is the screenshot- Changes are- Source
  18. jkultimate

    Please please help me out. 5230 is not updating the music library!!

    Hey geeks, please help me. I have Nokia 5230 touchscreen phone. Now its showing a kinda strange problem.!! Today I added some more songs to my memory card. Then when I goes to the music player, the recently added songs were not showing. I tried Refreshing library. But it remains like "...
  19. N

    G+ Guide

    Ok folks, many of you are now on G+ and actually few of them are very confused and i see a lot of n00b questions as they have not watched introductory videos of G+. Here is my attempt to slove those commonly asked questions, esp about privacy , messaging and circles. for gods sake read the...
  20. H

    website validation error.

    i have few html files which i uploaded on a webhosting site.but whenever i give the link to my friend's through chat it says that "it is a spam".so what should i do to prevent it from saying so?and when i try to validate it using w3 validator it displays two errors and even displays what the...
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