1. G

    SysWOW64 folder pops up

    hi digit, my uncle has an hp laptop just a month old. A window with the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 pops up often and while he is working in some apps e.g. in firefox the taskbar doesn't auto hide. Why is this happening? How to disable it?
  2. Allu Azad

    6-ft cobra pops out of toilet

    Family’s horror as 6-ft cobra pops out of toilet - Mumbai Mirror
  3. V

    Problem in webpage.

    Everytimes i open a website in mozilla or crome this thing pops up.Please Help!!:-?:-?:-?
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Teaching Computers to Grand Father

    He got a new Windows 7 laptop recently. So, I've been working on him for a few months and he seems to forget a lot. I have taught him how to check email. Switching on and off. i've tried to get him to browse the net but he is very apprehensive. I showed him yahoo.com, he uses yahoo.com only...
  5. A

    [win xp] [pls help!!!] accidentally removed shell from avg 2012 internet security

    I accidentally remove shell startup from avg system tools/startup... then i uninstalled avg.. when i restarted my pc.. taskbar does not show.. but my documents pops up automatically.. when i run explorer.exe.. only my documents pops up.. but taskbar and desktop icons does not show.. so i...
  6. gameranand

    * pops up everytime

    Hey friends this address pops up after some time in my web browser. * What is this thing and how would I stop it ??
  7. assasin007

    Windows Xp Issue

    Hi Techies, I have a problem with my XP. I am not sure what the problem is or where should i find the appropriate solution.. M sending a snapshot of the error message. Please help me if someone understands this issue. After the error pops up, my system hangs n i have to reboot. Hope...
  8. prankie

    Tray closing automatically!!

    I own a Sony DRU-820 DVD-RW drive... the problem is that frm past few days whenever I press the eject button the tray pops out and then pops in automatically aftr 2 secs (sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't) and while the tray is out the light blinks continuously until the tray pops in.. what...
  9. stellar

    VPN Software

    Hi guys, Can anyone have any idea about software similar like Hotspot? This is a VPN IP fixing software, which is great but the problem it is ad ridden. If u logged in with this software ad pops up. I have a DSL and i have to use this software to connect to VPN otherwise i can't log on...
  10. raksrules

    AVI Chunk Viewer. Whats this ?

    This screen pops up on my machine every now and then. I have no clue how it came and what is causing it to come. Please assist. :mad:
  11. H

    Google Talk Problem

    I don't know what is this but each time i login to my g-talk anfter one week this pops out! what is this message? how does this happen?
  12. R

    virus issue

    hi all, when I double click my any drive, the "open with" window pops. please advice what to do
  13. I

    C disk not open

    when i double click on my c: it pops up the open with windows. I also cannot right click explore my c: as it also pops up the open with windows. It doesnt allow me to access my c: . I can only access my c: using the search. I tried restarting my computer already but it still doesnt not...
  14. prashant9918

    i am not able to open my windows media player

    hi guys since last five days i am not able to open my windows media player when i click on icon there is eror message pops up please help me see the picture of error msg.
  15. S

    Monitor menu pops up randomly

    Hi, My uncle has a HCL monitor (I think 17", and it is probably about 4 years old)... The computer has a panel of four buttons in the bottom (Exit, Minus, Plus, Menu)... Once the computer is turned on, the monitor menu pops up suddenly, and the contrast/brightness goes up and down in...
  16. speedyguy

    HP Registration popping up several times...

    iv jst done a complete system recovery on my hp pavilion notebook(vista)....but now n then at very less intervals this registration wizard pops up....iv done dont remind me n also twice iv filled that form it sez reg complete but pops bk again aftr sm time....is thr any scheduler i hv 2 disable...
  17. jal_desai

    Right click menu opens on LEFT side!!! ... Help

    hi all... i m using vista home premium.... a problem suddenly popped up when i started my lappy today morning....we all know and experienced tht when we right click on a blank area or any icon... a menu pops up.. it pops up in such a way tht its top-left corner is the point where the mouse is...
  18. K

    Unable to access YouTube. PC goes muhahaha!

    I'm unable to access YouTube:cry: . Whenever i try to access it, the browser closes and a message pops saying "YouTube is banned" and the pc goes muhahaha:mad: . What to do?:confused:
  19. Pravas

    access violation at address............

    Hello all, i didnt find any previous post about this matter, so created a new thread. My problem is that when i tried to install Fruity Loops 7 Producer edition, it showed me error message as follows:- 1st run:- Access Violation At Address B68696AB.Read of address B683B0E0 After i click Ok...
  20. linardni

    Can't save graphics...help plz

    I cannot save graphics on my hard disk by right clicking on teh graphivs an dchoosing Save image as...option. The open pops up and save as window comes but upon saving with a name nothing is saved. Please help.
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