Sound Problem and other weird issue in laptops


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
In my HP Compaq NX7300, sound does not work, neither through the speakers or through the earphones connected to headphone jack. There's some kind of noise when sound is played through the headphone jack and that sound continues even for few seconds even after stopping the player. (Note that the earphone is a mobile's earphone).

Now this is NOT a software or driver issue since the problem exists in both Linux and Windows, hence the posting of the thread here. Any way to fix this which I am missing?

There is another weird issue. I just bought a charger, and when it is connected to an ungrounded extension cord, the laptop gives electric shocks, while this is not the case when the charger is connected to a grounded socket, and neither when running through battery.

Is that normal, or shall I get the charger replaced (it was ordered via eBay, and so I can negotiate with the shopkeeper) and, or is it a laptop issue?

Any help will be appreciated.
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