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One of my relatives are looking for a entry level android. Main purpose of the phone is, web browsing, checking emails, facebooking, music listening and phone calls of course.

So,I would like to ask you guys couple of things. How does this phone stack up with the rest of phones? Is the phone snappy while surfing(say chrome)? Or is there any lag? How is the battery life and speaker phone performance.

But you might want to check out its screen n cam as they are not the best in class. Further, it has a measly 1.5 GB of internal memory so you'll need to root.


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While the specs are very good for its price, but do people really enjoy gaming on a 4 in screen?. Its too small for gaming IMO. 4.7 is minimum. Tablets are way better.


UPDATE: Rooting via Framaroot will only give you partial root access.. If you mount your system partition as RW, the phone will reboot.. IMO, if you dont need root, then wait for DoomLord to add Xperia M to his script..
I tried changing the vold.fstab file and ended up losing access to my ext sd card.. But I managed to return to stock rom again y flashing it via flashtool..
If you mess up your phone, dont panic.. im gonna post a tutorial soon how to restore back to stock rom


Step 1 -> Download FTF file for Xperia M - C1904 India from XDA from here .. Use the Mega Download manager as itll make the download process a little easier.. Ill upload the rom to my dropbox shortly for convenience
My Dropbox Link - here
Step 2 -> Download latest Flashtool from here.. Register an account first then download it..
As of today, the latest flashtool version is 6-2013..
Step 3 -> Install and run flashtool
Step 4 -> turn on USB debugging and unknown sources Connect your phone..Flash tool will automatically detect your device
If you get this error, its fine as Xperia M hasnt been added to the flashtool index.. you can still use this to flash and itll wont pose any problem..


Step 5 -> Disconnect your phone, Turn it off.. Now press and hold Volume Down and then plug in your cable.. you will see windows install SEMC Flash drivers automatically..
Step 6 -> Click the lightning button on Flashtool, select flashmode, then browse where you kept your STOCK ROM downloaded from Mega..




Step 7 -> Click Flash and keep your fingers crossed.. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REMOVE YOUR CABLE AT THIS POINT !!!!!
Step 8 -> When it's finished, itll ask you to unplug your cable and start the phone.. Do so now and wait a couple of moments for the phone to start.. The first boot after a successful flash usually takes a lot longer...

Step 9 -> there you go, you just successfully flashed stock ROM
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Step 9 -> there you go, you just successfully flashed stock ROM

Assuming you had a ROM other than the stock ROM ? Is this the stock ROM created by modifying the factory shipped stock ROM for modding purposes ?

Now swapping SD should become possible after this, I believe


Sony Xperia M listed at MRP Rs 17299 (source: flipkart)
which was earlier Rs 13999.
Even sellers on ebay are increasing their prices. What on earth is happening?


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Yeah… my order is still not dispatched and as per seller stock is on-hold by Sony. I ordered last week from - 10% cash back offer via HDFC CC.


May be reason is falling rupee

May be I should have bought the one with Single SIM from ebay, black was quoted at Rs 12019-Rs750(discount coupon) :-(
Yup vikash, now buy the dual SIM at god knows what price. You greedy looser!!
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